Hi, I’m Minerva Maharajh, the Goddess of Wisdom!

(That’s the meaning of my first name!)

I’m a Certified Life & Spiritual Coach through The Life Purpose Institute, Reiki Practitioner, Access Bars Practitioner, Retreat Facilitator, Author, Speaker, and Instructor with the Life Purpose Institute. I am also recognized as an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation and the host of  Words of Wisdom Podcast.

I have the honor of helping ambitious women breakthrough to the next level in their soul’s purpose, money, love, and confidence. I am always fine-tuning my coaching process to integrate the latest and greatest tools and techniques to help you reconnect and start living in your light. My unique coaching method is a deeper form of coaching where we work on the spiritual, energetic, and subconscious level to create exponential change.

I have helped hundreds of clients find their soul work, attract their life partner, hit the next level in their income, increase their self-esteem but most importantly, help them permanently transform from the inside out to become the person they were meant to be.

My signature coaching program, Live Your Impossible and one-of-a-kind retreat, Eat. Meditate. Love provides powerful transformations in a short amount of time because of the deep inner work we do with the latest and greatest life and spiritual tools I have mastered over the years.

I am on a mission to help as many people as possible remember and live in their light (the true vibration of who you truly are) because when you do everything you want and more comes with complete ease and you live in alignment with your purpose on Earth.

Professional Bio:
Minerva Maharajh is a Certified Life & Spiritual Coach through the Life Purpose Institute, Chakra Aura Healer, Reiki Practitioner, Access Bars Practitioner, Retreat Facilitator, Instructor with the Life Purpose Institute and Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation.

Minerva found Goddess of Wisdom Spiritual Life Coaching in 2015 after a 3-month soul-searching journey and multiple “spiritual hits” which she eventually gave in to. Since discovering her purpose she’s been on a mission to help as many people as possible remember and live in their light.  She truly believes this the “sweet spot” to manifest your desires, heal on every level, and live out your life purpose.

Minerva is lovingly referred to as “The Goddess of Wisdom” not only because it’s the meaning of her name but because she carries lifetimes of experience, knowledge, and skills that have supported many clients reconnect to the highest, most expanded, truest version of themselves which leads them to discover their soul’s work/life purpose, find their life partner and transform into the person they love and were intended to be. Her signature coaching program, Live Your Impossible and Eat Meditate Love Retreats shares her mastered approach of applying practical life tools with deep powerful spiritual processes that have helped many of her clients experience their greatest breakthroughs and transformations in the shortest amount of time.

Prior to discovering her life purpose as a Spiritual Life Coach, Minerva enjoyed a successful career in Film & TV as an actress and dancer, performing for the NBA Toronto Raptors and voted as the NBA All-Star dancer for the Toronto Raptors in 2007. She also worked with celebrity artists such as Massari, Karl Wolf, Akshay Kumar, Carly Rae Jepson, and seen on Raptors TV, Slice TV, CBC News, several independent films, and commercials for Budweiser, Sony Walkman, Esquire, Big Brother & Listerine. Since becoming a Spiritual Life Coach, Minerva has had the honor of guest speaking for the CFL Toronto Argonauts Cheerleaders, CI Investments, Toronto Police Service, and seen on CTV Morning Live and What She Said Radio. You can catch her weekly show as the host of the Words of Wisdom Podcast and Goddess of Wisdom TV.

Minerva truly believes we all came to Earth as the highest, purest, most authentic form of who we are. Through different life experiences and unconscious conditioning, we have forgotten that truth. Her mission is to remind as many people as possible the true, authentic, high vibe being they truly are and help them create life from that place. Because when you do, you discover your life’s calling, find who you are meant to be with, breakthrough financial limits, create a life of freedom, and stand confidently in your truth and love the person you are.

Born and raised in Scarborough, Ontario, Minerva now lives in Pickering, Ontario with her loving husband (whom she met at 7 years old), her beautiful daughter, Maya Luna and sweet Maltipoo, Tulip, enjoys balancing her soul’s calling as a Spiritual Life Coach with spending quality time with her family & friends, connecting with nature, going on hikes, spending time by the lake, yoga, meditating and enjoys wine, food and traveling to high vibe places.


To see everyone exceeding what they thought was possible.


To help you live your impossible – the thing you deeply desire but secretly doubt will ever happen and/or show you a new way to make your impossible a reality.


For the majority of my life, I remember always feeling never good enough. This affected everything from my relationships, friendships, money, work, and self-esteem. As a result of this, I remember always feeling anxious, depressed, and inferior. 

After years of inner turmoil and a serious of negative life experiences, at the age of 25, I picked up a guided meditation cd, put it into the cd player and for the first time experienced a moment of complete ease, serenity and a glimpse of someone stronger, greater, truer than who I appeared to be at that time. This was the start of a conscious spiritual journey home back to me.

Through developing and applying my spirituality, I was able to heal, transform and manifest my desires in a love relationship, discover my life’s calling, heal the shadow parts of me, shed ego, breakthrough new levels of abundance and opportunities, and step into the truest version of myself and continue to create a life of my dreams from this place.

My purpose now is to help as many people as possible remember the truth of who they are – worthy, loveable, light-filled beings, each here to live out a greater purpose.  We are all made worthy, whole, and complete. When you reconnect to that truth and live your life from that place, anything is possible!


  • Limitless Possibilities
    • We believe in Infinite Possibilities
  • Infinite Being
    • We are Infinite Beings on a human journey.
  • Ever-evolving
    • We are always growing and evolving to the next level. It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.
  • No Judgment. Only Love
    • We view everyone through the eyes of Love. When we judge we limit what is possible.