meditation retreat, wellness retreatA spiritual retreat to breakthrough to the next level you!

Do you desire to…

  • Shed your old self and become the new version who you know you are meant to be?
  • Stop playing small and finally step into your light?
  • Claim your desires and see it become a reality once and for all?

But you’re just not sure…    

  • How to get there on your own
  • If you are on the right path and doing the right things
  • One part of you says “It’s safer to stay here” while the other part of you is calling out for more…

Even though…

  • You are spiritually open, beginning or well into your spiritual journey
  • You have just discovered or have been dedicated to your personal growth
  • You are super self-aware and an avid action-taker

You know there is something more for you and you are ready to claim it!

Hi! I’m Minerva, a Certified Spiritual Life Coach through the Life Purpose Institute, Associate Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation, Reiki Practitioner, Access Bars Practitioner, Retreat Leader, Instructor at Life Purpose Institute and founder of Goddess of Wisdom Spiritual Life Coaching. I help beautiful souls like you,  breakthrough to the next level of who you truly are!

I have helped hundreds of clients over the past 5 years experience:

  • New levels of financial success
  • Discover their life’s purpose
  • Find their life partners
  • Become the best versions of themselves – happier, lighter and authentically who they are

Based on many years of training, experience, and developed spiritual gifts, I have had the honor of supporting others to achieve the life they want and become who they truly want to be. My unique coaching style is known for integrating practical life tools with deep powerful processes to help people break through limiting beliefs, subconscious patterns, cellular programming, and lifetimes of energetic blocks in order to become the person they have always wanted to be and live the life they deserve.

On top of coaching clients privately, I love conducting healing and transformational retreats in Ontario. I have reinvented my popular spiritual retreat, Eat Meditate Love to work closely with a small group of truth-seekers who are ready to take their life to the next level.  We will meet in a high vibe location to do deep healing work to help you ascend into the person you were always meant to be. You will have access to my latest and greatest spiritual and life tools, and if you are open to it, feel a powerful shift in just 3 days! Past participants have reported being in disbelief with how much change happens in a short amount of time.


Eat Meditate Love: A Spiritual Retreat to Breakthrough to the Next Level You!

A 3-Day Retreat to:

  • Shed the old self and step into the new you!
  • Learn powerful tools to bust through the limitations and blocks holding you in limbo to your best self
  • Expand to the person you were always meant to be!

This retreat is for you if…

  • You feel in limbo between your old and new self
  • You don’t know how to fully step into and own your light
  • You want to keep the momentum going to becoming your fullest, most expanded, amazing version of you

This retreat is NOT for you if…

  • You are looking for a “quick fix” and don’t take responsibility for your life and actions
  • You are not dedicated to your growth and goals
  • You are not willing to open up and explore what may lay underneath the surface

What makes Eat Meditate Love different from the rest?

Luxury Waterfront Property

One’s physical environment is important and contributes to growth. This beautiful location was carefully chosen as it offers high vibration frequencies as its full of abundant beauty both indoors and outdoor as it’s located directly on the lake with multiple walkouts to the waterfront and a cozy fireplace in a huge sun-filled room.

Located just 2-2.5 hours from Toronto, Ontario, this luxury waterfront property is located in Prince Edward County and is home to Eat Meditate Love.

See below for more details and photos of our venue.

Nutritious & Delicious Food

To support a greater transformation it’s important to fuel your body with high vibrating food. A custom plant-based comfort food style menu will be catered by a 5-star chef, Chef Chris.
Past retreat participants who were meat eaters commented that food was always filling, delicious and hugely satisfying. Some of our favorite menu items include buckwheat waffles, sheppardless pie, socca flatbread pizza, veggie burgers and more.

6 meals, snacks, and beverages will be provided throughout the retreat.

Powerful Breakthrough Workshops

Eat Meditate Love is more than a meditation retreat. You will be apart of a small intimate group who are ready and committed to step into the next level of who they are! Over the 3-days, you will experience a variety of powerful spiritual and personal transformation workshops led by Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Reiki & Access Bars Practitioner, Minerva Maharajh. The group is intentionally kept small to hone in on individual needs, energies and to consciously guide the group to the next level. Minerva will teach a variety of powerful tools she has mastered and developed over the years that will have you experiencing your own powerful “ah-ha” moments and embodying the work on the spot. These tools will help with releasing the old self, breaking through limiting beliefs and blocks that have been holding you back for years and confidently stepping into the new version of you in a safe and supportive environment. You will also walk away with an abundance of practical tools to maintain your growth. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of time to rest and relax!

Meditation & Movement

With the number of shifts that are bound to happen over the 3 days, it’s important to support the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical bodies. For this purpose, we have integrated a variety of guided meditation, morning awakening meditation, energizing yoga, candlelight evening meditation and movement to help process and support the release “debris” in the conscious and subconscious mind.

Meditation is a powerful tool to calm the mind, work through resistance and create a clear channel for higher consciousness to flow. Don’t worry, if you are new or an experienced meditator, Minerva is known for creating easy-to-follow, eye-opening meditations that have participants experiencing great insights. She will also help you tackle the blocks to meditating effectively such as, “I can’t sit still” or “stop the thoughts” and deepen your practice. You will walk away with practical tools and techniques that will inspire you to continue your practice when you return home.

Walk away from this experience with:

  • The “know-how” & tools to shed the old and step into the new you!
  • Feeling the changes take place in real-time and a plan to continue your ascension into your true self
  • A safe space to explore, release your blocks and operate from a truer, lighter, more expanded version of you!
  • Feeling reconnect to your true self and excited for what is to come!

Here is what we’ll accomplish at Eat Meditate Love:

        • Powerful sacred ceremony to shed the old self and welcome the new self with ease
        • Discover the point of creation of the limiting beliefs holding you back
        • Release old stagnant emotions & energies stuck in the body and create a clear channel to receive greater possibilities
        • Learn how to utilize and receive the healing powers of Mother Nature with tailored outdoor exercises
        • Nurturing time alone to recharge and relax
        • Release blocks & cellular imprints of past experiences
        • Create a new powerful core belief that will be the engine of creating the life you want
        • Powerful tools to bust through old programming and connect to Greater Consciousness
        • Create a clear path for miraculous changes to take place in your life
        • Remove blocks to receiving your desires
        • See, feel, sense, know the infinite limitless being you are
        • An action plan to keep the high vibrations momentum going
        • Receive a list of tools to return to and maintain your growth experienced at the retreat and much more!

Over the 3 days you will embark on a journey of saying goodbye to your old self, overcome blocks and limiting patterns in the present self and fully step into the new version of yourself.

Eat Meditate Love

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Prince Edward County, Ontario

Your All-Inclusive Retreat Package Includes:

        • 2-night accommodation
        • 6 Organic Plant-based Catered Meals plus all snacks and beverages
        • 8 Transformational Personal & Spiritual Development Workshops, includes Cellular Reprogramming Old Self/New Self Ceremony, Emotional Freedom Technique Workshop & Conscious Art Creation Class lead by Certified Spiritual Life Coach & Energy Healer, Minerva Maharajh
        • Morning Awakening Meditation & Stretch
        • Candlelight Evening Meditation & Movement
        • Energizing Morning Yoga by a Certified Yoga Instructor
        • Rest & Relaxation time including time with Mother Nature
        • Beautiful Meditation Gift to reinvigorate your spiritual practice

Date: Due to COVID we have moved our retreat for 2021. To be added to the waitlist,  please email

Location: Prince Edward County, Ontario (2-2.5 hours from Toronto, Ontario)


  • Shared Accommodations $795 CAD + 13% HST= $898.35 CAD TOTAL
  • Private Accommodations $895 CAD + 13% HST= 1011.35 CAD TOTAL

Special Offer: Bring a friend + Share a private room = Both receive $100 off per person!

8 spots only | First paid basis | Registration closes 2 weeks before retreat date | Prices subject to change without notice


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Luxury waterfront cottage in Prince Edward County is located approximately 2-2.5 hours from Toronto, Canada. This beautiful oasis offers soaring ceilings, sun drenched rooms and a relaxed beachy vibe. The cottage is 3000 square feet of finished space spread out over two floors, each with multiple walkouts to the waterfront. Two bedrooms are located on the upper level, and 4 are located on the lower level. There is a full washroom located on each floor.

Our venue consists of 4 Private Rooms (Queen Bed) and 4 Shared Rooms (Double Beds) – check out the beautiful photos and book your spot while space is available!


  • GENERAL: Eat Meditate Love is a CO-ED retreat; we welcome both men and women. The nature of this retreat includes a balance of spiritual & personal development workshops, daily guided meditation, experiential exercises, outdoor activity, yoga & stretch, energy work as well as time to rest and relax at your leisure.
    • Please note the only physical activity involved in our program consists of gentle stretches, restorative yoga, walking, and sitting outdoors. If you have any physical restrictions, please speak to us about this and we will do our best to accommodate.
  • SCHEDULE: Please plan to arrive between 5:30 pm-6 pm on Day 1 to check in before our Opening Ceremony at 6:30 pm, followed by dinner and continuation of the retreat program. The retreat is scheduled to end between 3-4 pm on Day 3.
  • MEALS: All meals, snacks, and beverages will be provided starting with Sunday dinner and ending with Tuesday lunch. Plant-based meals with a comfort-food theme will be served to help promote a clear, toxin-free, open channel for your mind, body, soul development. We are excited for 5-star Chef Chris to cater our event. For any allergies, dietary restrictions or preferences, please notify us upon registration and we will do our best to meet your needs.
  • ACCOMMODATIONS: Eat Meditate Love will take place at a luxury waterfront cottage located in Prince Edward County, Ontario, just 2-2.5 hours from Toronto, Canada. It consists of 4 private rooms with queen beds and 4 shared accommodations with a double bed per person with shared bathrooms, clean bedding, and towels provided. Rooms are reserved on a ‘first paid basis’. For more photos and details see the above gallery.
    • Accommodations are booked through a TICO Certified Travel Agent – Amanda Drexler /Travel Agents In Action. See the booking process below under ‘REGISTRATION & PAYMENT’.
    • Technology: To support a deeper experience free of distraction this will be a ‘technology-free zone’. All participants are required to leave cellphones on silent or off and kept in your room. All other electronic devices such as cameras, radios, laptops, iPods, i-Pads, tablets, Google watches, and any other not mentioned, are asked to be left at home. This is to ensure no distractions from the outside world to focus on your internal world. We encourage you to disconnect to connect! There will be time to capture your experience before and after the retreat. If you foresee this being a problem (medical reasons, dependents, etc;) please speak to Minerva prior to registration.  All retreat participants will also receive a private number to share with loved ones in case of an emergency.
    • No alcohol or recreational drugs allowed: Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside of the main house with reasonable space given to the other proximal participants and respect to the environment.
    • Full Participation: To receive the full benefit of the program, participants are asked to take part in all activities and workshop sessions as the work is cumulative and carefully constructed to achieve results.
    • Stay on Grounds: For the duration of the retreat, participants are asked to stay on the retreat grounds at all times to ensure safety and allow an organic flow of the program.
    • For any participants that do not honor the schedule, other participants, and/or disrupt the program in any way will be kindly asked to leave without reimbursement.
  • WHAT TO BRING: A welcome package that includes a packing list will be provided to participants one week before the retreat date to assist with packing and preparation for your 3-day retreat. Please ensure you are well-prepared with all types of clothing and equipment needed for comfort as activities will take place rain or shine. Premises is safe however please leave all valuables at home.
  • REGISTRATION & PAYMENT: To proceed with the registration, please follow 2 easy steps listed below. To ensure the high quality and intimacy of this retreat, spots are limited and based on approval by Minerva. Spots are reserved on a first paid basis along with a signed retreat registration form. Registration closes 2 weeks before the retreat date.


      • Shared Accommodations $795 CAD + 13% HST= $898.35 CAD TOTAL (Includes retreat registration, activities, materials, meals, shared room & HST)
      • Private Accommodations $895 CAD + 13% HST= $1011.35 CAD TOTAL (Includes retreat registration, activities, materials, meals, private room & HST)
      • SPECIAL OFFER: Bring a friend and share a private room, both receive $100 off! ($200 total savings)
    • STEP 1 – To ensure this retreat is the right fit and to check availability, please contact Minerva directly.
    • STEP 2 – Once your spot is approved, you will be forwarded to complete the payment with Amanda Drexler – Travel Agents In Action- 2 County Court Blvd, Brampton, ON L6W 3W8, Head Office: 1-800-909-7556 x 110 Direct Line: 519-766-6895 / /  (TICO # 50022828)

Once your retreat spot is approved, you will receive a registration form to fill out and submit to Minerva; then an invoice from Amanda Drexler from Travel Agents In Action to whom payment will be made. Once registration form and payment are received your spot will be 100% confirmed. 

  • PAYMENT: 50% non-refundable/non-transferable deposit is due. The remainder is due 4 weeks before the retreat date, no later than April 24, 202o. FORMS OF PAYMENT ACCEPTED: Personal Cheque ($25 NSF fee), E-transfers, Paypal, or Credit Card (3.5% service charge). All payments must be made to Amanda Drexler – Travel Agents In Action- 2 County Court Blvd, Brampton, ON L6W 3W8, Head Office: 1-800-909-7556 x 110 Direct Line: /  (TICO # 50022828)
  • REFUND & CANCELLATION POLICY: Your full payment includes a 50% non-refundable/non-transferable deposit of $397 + HST for Shared Accommodations, or $447.50 + 13% HST for Private Accommodations. If full payment has been made prior to 30 days of retreat, 50% will be refunded. After 30 days, 100% non-refundable/non-transferable. In any case of cancellation, participant must send a written email or letter to Minerva at If for any reason the retreat is cancelled, you will receive a full refund of all monies paid.
  • TRAVEL INSURANCE: Travel Insurance is available – please speak to our travel agent, Amanda Drexler from Travel Agents In Action for more details (contact info listed above).
    • CARPOOL: If you are interested in carpooling (offer or join) please notify us upon registration and a list can be started. Please note spots will not be held until carpooling plans are figured out. Once your name is on a list and other participants registers as ‘interested’ we will provide you with the details to get in touch with one another.
    • COACH BUS: If you are unable or prefer not to drive, Ontario Coachway Door to Door Shuttle Service provides a shared ride service from Toronto Pearson International Airport directly to our retreat location. For more details on rates, schedule and booking, please VISIT HERE or call 1-888-677-4287
    • Please note: The above transportation details are only suggestions to assist with your travels plans. Transportation costs and arrangements are not included in the retreat registration fee and are the sole responsibility of the traveler.
  • COACHING: Past retreat participants expressed committing to Private Coaching in conjunction with the retreat created a profound transformation. This is not required but highly recommended as the breakthroughs that occur during the retreat is a product of the ground-work done beforehand with me or with another professional. Although the retreat provides groundbreaking work and foundational tools, 1-on-1 coaching provides an in-depth customized process to address your unique needs, blocks, patterns, behaviors, experiences, and goals. For this purpose, a $150 discount towards any coaching package is reserved for any retreat participant to use prior or immediately after the retreat if purchased before the retreat start date. For more details on our private coaching programs, please CLICK HERE!
  • RETREAT ADDRESS: 272 Island Road, Prince Edward, ON K0K, Canada. *Please note: This is not our mailing address- please contact Minerva if mailing retreat registration.
  • LIMITED SPACE: To ensure high quality and powerful experience, Eat Meditate Love is reserved for individuals who are ready to do the work and serious about achieving the next level within themselves. Limited spots are available. Please contact us today to see if this retreat is the right fit for you and check for availability.



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“LIFE CHANGING!!! The flow of the entire weekend was well planned. Minerva was able to pull the flow of love by the exercises used. Eat. Meditate. Love was about finding the love within and honor your true self. Thank you!”- Jamelia
“Minerva’s retreat was exactly what I needed in my life. I have a beautiful life and achieved success & love, but there has been something missing, and this retreat has given me just that.”- Natalie
“The ‘Eat. Meditate. Love’ Retreat was a great way to reconnect with myself and engage in self care. The food was delicious. Minerva was organized and there was clearly a lot of thought and purpose in the planning of this event. Love that we have tangible takeaways to keep being mindful of all the learnings. Thank you, Minerva!” – Chantal
“I would urge anyone who thinks ‘I should do this!’ to say “YES!”. Take a deep breath and just jump with both feet. You are worth it!” – Rosanna
“Another transformation phase, a new level of awareness and appreciation and understanding for who I am and why I am and what I am. I’m so grateful for Minerva, the retreat and my fellow participants” – Suse
“The Eat. Meditate. Love Retreat was a blessing to my soul. It was spiritually transformative and practical at the same time. I feel so eager and excited to get back to “life” and practice all that I’ve learned and remembered 🙂 ” – Andrea
“I am so grateful for this beautiful experience, the people around me, the things I have learned, expressed and felt, and for Minerva. This weekend was life-changing. It grounded me, gave me a new sense of being, a freedom and the tools I need to move forward as a better me”- Cassie
“I can thank you enough for providing a platform for the both of us to further our spiritual quests to higher selves. We truly are so grateful for the experience and the friendships and connections we made that weekend. “- Jamie P.
“First of all, may I say Minerva is so organized and every detail was thought through from the time I registered. I was already feeling a shift before we arrived. Once we came, we were greeted with open arms. The accommodations were so grounding – the outdoor space was perfect. Every exercise was really meaningful and was done with such expertise. Minerva knows what you need and helps guide you to the next level. There was enough time for everything. There was never a dull moment and I was made to feel that the trust and privacy were very secure. Thank you, Minerva xoxo”- Anja



Prince Edward County, Ontario