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Freedom and Flow Mastermind Minerva Maharajh

Freedom & Flow Mastermind


Consciously create a life & biz of freedom and flow that you can live, breathe, and sustain by mastering your mindset energy, and strategy!

Our 6-month, monthly Freedom & Flow Mastermind is designed for those who are consciously CHOOSING a life of freedom every day, those who know it is meant for them and are truly ready to let go of the old familiar self and become the change required to live a life of total freedom.

This mastermind has come into creation because I was once where you are today. I had a deep burning desire, willingness in my heart, clear vision and was taking all the “right” actions but still felt like I was getting nowhere fast. Only when I addressed the change that was required in myself, in my mindset, energy and strategy did my external world really change.

Today I enjoy 2 successful businesses, am part of a loving family, 2 gorgeous children, a beautiful home and I have time to do what I truly love each day! It took time and work to get to where I am today, I learned lessons along the way and picked up transformational strategies that I only wish I knew earlier.

This is what I will share with you in our Freedom & Flow Mastermind, new and exponential ways of thinking, being, doing, and feeling in order to co-create a sustainable life of freedom & flow with more ease!

A life of freedom doesn’t just happen to you…



In this Mastermind we will cover 3 pillars:


Experience powerful reprogramming processes to eliminate those sneaky culprits hiding underneath the surface and sabotaging the progress in your life. Learn and be held accountable to a higher, level of thinking and effortlessly embody who you need to become in order to live a life of freedom & flow. Go beyond your beliefs to create your reality!


Everything is made up of energy – including you! Become a high vibrational match of the life you and your soul craves. Be supported with high-level energy expansion tools & techniques to clear and transmute any and all low stagnant energies, from all dimensions, standing in the way of operating from your highest frequency and actualizing a life of freedom in a real and grounded way.


Learn a variety of exponential tools & strategies to deepen the trust, knowing, and living/breathing of a sustainable life of freedom. With ongoing support, ground-breaking tools (that work if you work them), and a powerful space that will uphold you to the level of freedom you deserve from someone who has been through it and is living it!

You consciously CHOOSE a life of freedom and truly believe it is meant for you!


You’re truly ready to let go of the old familiar self and become the CHANGE required to live a life of total freedom.


You believe the time is NOW!

A life of freedom doesn’t just happen to the “lucky ones” or fall into your lap, you take 111% responsibility for your part in the CO-CREATION.

The Structure:


Monthly Mastermind

Meet the 1st Wednesday of every month

9am PST/12pm EST, 1.5- 2 hours per session



  • 1 Live Monthly Group Mastermind via Zoom

    • Learn a new strategy, mindset, and  exponential energy tool to create a life of freedom & flow

    • Hot-Seat Coaching

    • Q & A and Breakout Room Exercises

  • 1 Monthly Bonus Freedom & Flow Strategy Training (Audio/Video)

    • Receive monthly bonus training specifically to expedite your approach to creating a life of freedom and flow. Listen to them on your own time in your car, walk, or while doing yoga! It’s like having a personal coach in your back pocket plus these video/audio recordings are yours for life!



  • Unlimited Group Support – Receive 6 months of virtual support from me to get answers to your burning questions, celebrate your wins, be held accountable, and get reinspired at any time!

  • Lifetime Access to Teachings – Receive your own private online portal where our group masterminds and bonus training sessions will be saved

  • OPTIONAL BONUS – Upgrade to add Monthly Private 1:1 Coaching where you meet with me for 60 mins each month to go deeper on your own personal blocks and catapult to your life of freedom PLUS receive unlimited private support via text/email


What you will Learn:

  • Tangible and customizable plans and structures to have in place to create a solid foundation for a life of freedom
  • How to connect on a deeper level with the Source of Creation to create the life & biz you want with ease
  • How to be patient and eliminate self-sabotage habits preventing the unfolding of the life you want
  • How to be patient and eliminate self-sabotage habits preventing the unfolding of the life you want
  • How to deal with the ebbs & flows of “real life”
  • How to have fun & play on the journey, on the way to the destination!
  • Clear all judgments and “sticky” energy keeping you in a vibrational holding pattern to the results you seek
  • How to consciously create a life of freedom & flow now
  • How to create long-term results with money, clients, relationships and anything you want out of life
  • Eliminate deep blocks on different levels of consciousness to a life of freedom
  • An unbreakable belief system to create a life of freedom
  • Cellular reprogramming and body techniques for a true embodiment of a life of freedom
  • Accountability & aligned actions to create a life of freedom
  • How to deal with others beliefs, triggers, and external influences that set us off track​​​​
  • How to become a highly magnetic energy field to align to the life you want
  • How to have unwavering self-trust & confidence when the tangible hasn’t shown up (yet!)How to have unwavering faith and knowing that a full life of freedom will happen for you…in addition to the proof it’s already happening!
  • How the power and destiny of freedom is written in you​

Your Investment:


$4800 USD full payment, or

$850 USD per month x 6 months

Mastermind + Monthly Private Coaching

$7200 USD full payment, or

$1311 USD per month x 6 months

Please note prices will be billed in CAD dollars | Limited Spots Available!

What my Clients are Saying:


“Minerva is truly a Goddess. In as little as 3 months she has transformed my life. This has been by far the best investment I’ve ever made. Minerva will help you access your own inner wisdom. She is truly invested in you and loves and cares deeply for her clients.

If you are going through a tough time, feeling lost, or trying to move your life in a different direction and need support and guidance you should look no further.

Thank you so much for everything Minerva!”


– Sarah


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