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Group Spiritual Life Coaching


Hello, You Powerful Being!


Have you grown so much and are ready to create more?

You know yourself deeply and are ready to step fully and solidly into your next-level being to become her?

You know you are here to change the world – your world, those around and as far you can possibly reach?

You know that what you want is truly possible, your soul is now ready for a new expansive way to get there, to create solid and sustainable results

You know you will make it happen either way because you have created so much before and always achieve what you want

If so, you are my kind of woman and I am so grateful to have you here! You know to your core you are here for something greater and you won’t sit still until it’s brought to life.

Live your impossible banner

I was exactly who you are & where you are…

Dedicated to the deep inner work but wavered in my confidence

Did my best to take aligned action only to get results that were inconsistent or unsustainable

Experienced great highs followed by great lows – I felt amazing only to fall back into self-doubt and self-deprecating patterns and habits again

Was easily affected by family opinions and outside conditioning

I let the ebbs and flows of business and money get to me and make me feel like a failure

Hit some goals but was left feeling burnt out and drained at the thought of doing the work again to achieve more

Despite all my hard work and results, I was still feeling like something was missing, I felt discouraged that my creations/manifestations were just “one-hit wonders” and didn’t like the underlying self-doubt and worry lurking around the corner


Then realized something…


I wasn’t being who I was created to be.

I was almost annoyed at how small I was acting thus far.

For doubting myself.

For resorting to old patterns and limiting beliefs – literally hearing myself think it and knowing it wasn’t the real me.

For succumbing to the fear and lower energies in and around me.

It was just all holding me back.

I was used to playing big and then playing small.

This back and forth up and down was being reflected in my external reality.

The minute I recognized this, I made a solid decision to not show up as this girl anymore.

I was tired of my own shit, to say the least.

I have always been a creator. Anytime I wanted something, I made it happen!

So what was stopping me? Why did I still doubt myself and succumb to playing small despite how much beauty I created and goals achieved? 

I didn’t accept the powerful being I was created to be.

So I made a full-body declaration that I was going to change this in me once and for all. And when I did consistency in my creations happened. 

Freedom & flow in my business and life

Six-figure income that keeps growing

A deeper connection and love in my marriage that just keeps getting better

Two successful dream businesses that are making a real impact in people’s lives

Giving birth to 2 of the most incredible Beings I have known (I literally dreamt of son & daughter and felt them before they came earthside)

Working with dream clients who come to me effortlessly

Living a life of freedom where I get to do what I want when I want, where I want

Building financial freedom & security while working less and making more

Having plenty of time for me to do things that soothe my soul without the guilt

Ultimately, finally, claim and become the woman I have always strived to be. I am her. And I love her.

I am literally living the life I want and always dreamed of while feeling solid in who I am. And this just keeps creating more of anything I want in life – and it keeps getting better, greater and easier.

Yes, this took some deep inner work. Some moments were an emotional mess and raw, and other moments felt like a light switch just turned on and I couldn’t unknow it or unbecome it or undo it.

The journey to consistently creating more came down to becoming her.

Keepin’ it real, it took some rough waters to get here but I rode the wave… I did it with the trust that I would come out the other side with gold and I did.

It’s simple but not always easy. I made scary investments to hire high-quality support, I went deeper than I have ever been before in my personal development, I bared my entire soul, ugly cried in front of my mentors, sat in the sh*t, confronted things within myself that I thought I had resolved or avoided, I pushed myself way outside my comfort zone it but it all led to what my soul was calling out for.

And I truly believe it was required of me to live out my soul’s mission “to show the impossible”.

And therefore put me in a position to not only show you but guide you in achieving more. What your soul has been calling out to feel, experience, and bring into physical form.

By walking the path before you, perhaps this makes your experience a little easier and faster.

This is where Live Your Impossible Group Coaching comes in. 

Live Your Impossible was created to show you that anything your soul calls for is possible. The desire would not be in your heart and soul if it was not meant for you.


What does it mean to Live Your Impossible?

Live Your Impossible means anything that seems or you’ve been told is “impossible” is brought into existence in this lifetime because you know it to your core to be true and it has no choice but to come out and be brought to life.


“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m Possible– Audrey Hepburn

This program is meant for real women with real dreams…

  • You are here to change the world – within you and around you
  • You are ready for a real, grounded, no bullsh*t approach to creating your next-level
  • You have the courage and confidence to break the mold of what you have seen around you
  • You are ready to boldly step into your power and become solid in your knowing
  • You believe in your desires and know you will make them happen
  • You know you are a powerful woman and ready to become more powerful with next-level support
Minerva Maharajh Group Spiritual Life Coaching

How do we make the impossible, possible?

During this 6-month life-changing journey, I help you create your next-level reality by becoming solid in who you are and a clear vibrational match for the next-level reality you seek.

Throughout the years, and when I look back to my greatest manifestations from since I was a kid to this day (booking tv shows, dancing with the NBA Toronto Raptors, working with celebrity artists, booking back to back gigs, finding my dream apartments to finding my soulmate, to hitting six-figures, just to name a few of my favorite manifestations) I realized there is a pattern to achieving, what others told me was, the “impossible”.

But not just achieving it once – consistently and sustainably!

I will be teaching you how through this program.

This includes a culmination of my greatest tools and patterns I discovered that need to be in place to create more consistently and sustainably over time. 

My proven Live Your Impossible Process will have you living your “im-possible” in 6-12 months if you do the work.

The pinnacle of my process is to become a clear & consistent vibrational match in order to create any reality with ease. This all-encompassing process goes into the depths of your vibration to start clearing, feeling, releasing, expanding, knowing, becoming, and solidifying who and what you need to be to create your next-level with ease. 

When we start working with your vibrational field, we use this as a guide to applying practical tools and techniques to clear and release the block/resistance and make quantum leaps in your creations. When you clear resistance on every level of your being and bring them into alignment you become who you need to be to manifest your desires with ease, consistently, and sustainably  – a clear vibrational match for your next-level reality.

manifest your desires with ease coaching

Through this work and process, past participants in both my group and private coaching programs have actualized life partners, healed their marriages, discovered their life’s purpose, taken their business to the next level, increased income, received bonuses, become debt-free, hit six figures, attracted soulmate clients and transformed their lives on every level. 

If you are not afraid to go deep and look into the ‘nooks and crannies of your soul, choose a different way to approach your goals and desires (perhaps you were all logic and doing) and are ready to do what is required of you to bring forth your soul’s desires into physical reality, then your “impossible” is possible for you.


Group Spiritual Life Coaching Testimonial

The Live Your Impossible Process:

Over the next 6 months, we will go through the Live Your Impossible Process to create more of what you want with ease. Every training deepens the lesson with tools, on-the-spot exercises, and personal coaching to create quantum leaps in your life. Every session will simultaneously clear what is obstructing your soul’s expansion and desires from coming into the physical and create space for exponential results to unfold.

Month 1 – Who are you being? Discover, and activate your Next-Level Self. You will no longer have to strive to become her but experience being her from this day forward. Learn the core mindsets, energy, feeling, being and action you must take & implement in order to manifest your next-level reality, whatever that may look like, with total ease. Participants have reported receiving abundance in many forms within 1 week of experiencing this shift and implementing these tools. Imagine what can happen if you are consistent in 6 months?

Month 2 – Activate The 8 Truths Within so that you become solid in who you are, never waver, and create your next-level reality with consistent and sustainable results. Embody these 8 truths and become the most powerful point of attraction to create anything you want. 

Month 3 – Elevate Your Worthiness. No matter the amount of work you have done to this point on your self-worth, our manifestation patterns come down to our core level of worthiness. We will go even deeper to clear and transform any residual doubt to unshakeable knowing & truth of your worthiness.  Anchor into this and see evidence of your good showing up in your external world effortlessly and endlessly.

Month 4 – Unearth and Release hidden stories, memories, core beliefs, and wounds that formed from the past, family patterns, ancestor timelines, and as a child. These memories and pent-up energy is taking up precious real estate in your vibration and greater consciousness blocking your next-level desires from taking form. You will be guided through powerful processes that will deeply clear, heal and release what is subconsciously holding you back, freeing you to fully step into the woman you know to be and continue moving forward powerfully and unapologetically.

Month 5 – Rise Up and Reclaim Your Innate Power. Rediscover your innate power as a powerful creator and operate confidently as the undeniable force that you are. You may have gone long and hard without recognizing or dabbling with your true power. Be solid in your truth, create momentum and create anything your soul absolutely wants.

Month 6 – Full Body & Being Activation for next-level integration so that your entire being feels safe and familiar with receiving, having, and living in your next-level reality.  This completes the conscious manifestation process as we go deeper on every level physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually to unite as aspects of your being so that you are fully activated and “plugged in” to the powerful force that you are. By now you will be operating by default in the highest frequency to attract/create and lock in your new reality. 

Apply what resonates most, tweak what doesn’t, and lock in these 6 pillars in your life and you will be living your impossible in 6-12 months – just like many of my clients have!

Group Spiritual Life Coaching Testimonial

Will this work?


This is my life’s work and soul’s mission. 

I have walked the path – lived through it to create and model an easier, more aligned way for you.

I always knew in my soul that anything was possible. When anyone told me it wasn’t, it truly angered me and activated something within.

I achieved great things – love, friendships, professional dance jobs when I was a pro dancer, commercials & movies when I was an actress, houses, a six-figure income…

It was great and all, but a lot of my experiences and creations came from lack and fear of not knowing and feeling I was good enough.

Once I discovered this about myself, I redirected and became more intentional with my mission, to show the impossible, and consciously started creating a higher quality of life and reality. This is where the 6 Pillars of Live Your Impossible came to be.

Once you saturate your mind, body, and soul with what I will teach you in this program (take what resonates and leave what doesn’t) you will be met with a different version of yourself and a different reality. It’s almost impossible to come out of this program unchanged.

I believe in this work because it has worked for me and many of my clients who truly dove in with both feet and committed to change – even when it was scary, revealing, raw, foreign, or they didn’t know “the how”, they dove right in…

They believed.

They created.

They became who they needed to be. Who they know they were always meant to be.

Anything is possible if you choose it and do what is required of you to achieve it.


Hear what my clients have to say for themselves…

If you do the work and apply your learnings, you will walk away from this group coaching experience with:

  • Newfound love and confidence in yourself and life
  • Never doubt yourself again
  • A deep trust & knowing your soul’s desires will become a reality
  • Your desires happening or already happened
  • Doing less and receiving more
  • The creation and road map of the life you truly desire
  • A Higher Level Mindset to keep creating any reality you want
  • Timeless processes, tools, and techniques you can come back to again and again to actualize any desire into form
  • Deep soul healing of core wounds
  • Full-body activation and cellular reprogramming
  • Emitting a higher vibrational frequency from every level of your being
  • An unwavering strength that cannot be shaken by others and the outside world
  • A true understanding and a deeper belief in just how special and unique you are
  • Unwavered worthiness
  • Owning your light and allowing yourself to be the bright light that you are

All of this contributes to becoming a high vibrational match for the reality you seek.

You don’t just attract based on doing, thinking, and feeling alone – you attract based on WHO & WHAT YOU ARE BEING.

It goes unsaid, once you do the deep powerful inner and outer work to become who you are required to be to match your next level, everything you want or better shows up with total ease! 

Clients in this program have increased financial abundance, developed deeper meaningful relationships, accepted new exciting career opportunities, received bonuses, raises, and promotions, manifested their babies, bought new houses, started new careers, ran successful businesses, attracted soulmate clients and so much more! The possibilities kept flowing even after the completion of our program. 


” It has been a blessing working with you and sharing in this journey with the group! I am so thankful I decided to partake in this!” – Past Participant


What makes this program different from the other manifesting programs?

  • Multi-dimensional to Create Your Soul’s Desired Reality Even though energy is the pinnacle of the work I do, we don’t just focus on one area such as energetics, spirituality, mindset, actions, emotional healing…we give equal attention to all aspects of being – mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic, and physical because this is what makes up who we are, the vibrational frequency we emit and ultimately create from.
  • Every Session is Life-Transforming  When you show up ready and open to the plate, we will be “calling up to bat” whatever needs clearing in order to manifest your next-level reality. This program holds the intention for major life changes for those who show up and are truly ready to do the work – they will be rewarded for it. The processes, techniques, and high-touch support you receive from me penetrate your entire being to the core, and nothing will be left unturned. If you are called to this, I will call forth the greatness in you – there will be no playing small in this game.
  • It’s Magical At the risk of sounding “woo-woo” there really is no other way to say it. This program is magical. From the moment pen hit the paper to create this program, to the moment you sign up, the energy that seeps through before, during, and after every session, the soul family created from every walk of life, and the ongoing effects in your own and others life during and after the program is “over”, it’s like no other. The effects are mindblowing, humbling, and will leave you in awe of yourself and life itself.

This is my signature program created from soul and it’s here to stay and make an effect on generations to come.


Breakthroughs from the very first session and beyond…

Here are whats included in Live Your Impossible:

Live Your Impossible is a mix of practical, structural pieces & strategies alongside energetics, mindset, and emotional healing to support you in becoming a clear vibrational match with the reality you seek.

  • 6 Live Your Impossible Live Training Sessions The first session of every month, we will dive deep into one of the six Live Your Impossible core lessons and walk you through powerful exercises and techniques to create quantum leaps in manifesting/creating more of what you want in your life.  This will also include experiential exercises, on-the-spot group energy clearings, and Q & A. Each session is 2 hrs in length via Zoom.
  • 6 Live Hot-Seat Coaching Sessions 2 Weeks after every Live Your Impossible Live Training, we will meet as a group to delve deeper into living your impossible. This will be a group hot seat coaching style where each participant will have an opportunity on the hot seat to receive customized support on the next step in creating quantum leaps in their life. In addition to this, we will begin every group coaching session with an expansive group clearing exercise, receive great downloads and insights just by being in the energy of our intimate group, and receive the opportunity to clear your personal blocks. Each session will be 2-2.5 hrs each via Zoom to allow time for everyone who wants a chance on the hot seat.
  • Unlimited Group Support via Slack This is a free app where you gain unlimited support from me to stay in alignment in between live sessions! Receive support from me and your new soul fam,  to ask any questions, share your wins so we can celebrate you, and gain extra support on your journey. This is especially helpful in between sessions so you never feel alone and can get back on track when you feel a drop energetically. I will also be dropping in to leave voice notes, meditations, and other inspirational tools to expedite your goals.
  • Lifetime Access to recorded sessions, audios, and materials so you have these powerful tools to return to any time to receive new breakthroughs and create your next-level realities every time you are being called to expand again and again.
  • Private Coaching Sessions If you want to go even deeper and expedite your goals then you’re going to want to become a VIP Soul Sis! This includes monthly private sessions with me to go deeper into your unique blocks and receive additional support in manifesting your next-level goals. In addition, you will be upgraded to private unlimited voice and text support via Slack (see below for details)
  • Soul Family The best part of all is the deep bond and spiritual connections you will form by being a part of this group. Previous participants have reported being surprised at the deep bonds created, how safe this container felt to be themselves, and have walked away with lasting friendships.


“What I love most about LYI is that I feel safe with the group of ladies that you were inspired to select. I love the connection that we have and that there is this commonality among us in the challenges that we struggle with as well as the way we see our own soul essence. I love the use of Slack to stay connected outside of group meetings. Your materials are beautiful and very thoughtful. I really love that they are available to me in the portal at any time. The materials feel like you had us in mind when creating them. I also LOVE the guided meditations. They have been key for me outside of group sessions. I didn’t think that I would thrive as well as I am in a group setting, but this format has helped me feel not so alone in me doing “the work”. I appreciate the offer to have private 1:1 sessions with you. I absolutely f***** love you, Minerva, and all that you have to offer me personally. I love that you see the real me and the compassion that you have for me… for all of us ladies” 

– Roz, North Carolina

Investment in your “Possible”:

  • 6 Live Your Impossible Live Training Sessions
  • 6 Group Hot-Seat Coaching Sessions
  • Lifetime Access to video recordings, meditations, and all materials
  • Unlimited Group Support via Slack



$1111 CAD x 6 months or $6000 CAD Full Payment

(Approx. $875 USD x 6 months or $4750 USD Full Payment | USD conversion depends on the current exchange rate at the time of purchase)

Prices are subject to change without notice


Accepting only 8-11 clients for an intimate container:

Upgrade to VIP Soul Sis

If you are someone who loves one-on-one support (I know I do!), want to dive deeper and magnify your quantum leap then my  VIP SOUL SIS program is for you!

In this package, you will receive six monthly private coaching sessions with me (some nurturing one-on-one time, baby!), and I will upgrade your unlimited group support to unlimited private voice and text messaging via Slack. Use this anytime to leave me private voice notes or text messages and receive additional mentoring and coaching support to manifest your soul’s desires with more ease.

Group Spiritual Life Coaching


VIP SOUL SIS package includes:

  • Everything in the group coaching program
  • 6 private coaching calls (60 mins each)
  • Upgrade to unlimited private voice and text messaging via Slack








$1611 CAD x 6 monthly payments or $9000 CAD Full Payment


A little more about me:

Minerva Maharajh Group Spiritual Life Coaching Hello again, Beautiful Soul! I am so honored and excited you are embarking on this life-changing journey to make your impossible a reality!

As I shared earlier since I was a little girl I had this deep inner knowing that I was here for something greater. To transform lives.

I am here to achieve the impossible and to show you how to do the same. 

This is my soul’s mission.

I know it’s not always easy but I do know with my life experience, training, and expertise I can make it a little easier and exponential for you.

Trust me when I say, the first big step is being able to see it, feel it, believe it, and decide it will happen. Because that is all I had when I felt like no one believed or supported me with my big crazy dreams. 

I basically went my entire life having these big visions and vibrations surging through my entire being where I knew anything I wanted was possible even though I didn’t exactly have a way to achieve it.

I didn’t have full family support, I had friends laugh at me, I had people leave me, I was broke, I had low self-esteem, I wasn’t really good at what I wanted to do at the time (dance and act), I had belief systems that told me I wouldn’t amount to anything, but that little light in me and my soul’s mission kept me going and overcame a lot to be here today.

Where I am today is living my dream life. Doing what I love, running two successful six-figure businesses, married to my childhood sweetheart, birthed two incredible sweet beings, building financial security, enjoying time, space and freedom within my day, and being able to work less and receive more without the guilt (anymore).

If I told you about the number of people who laughed and doubted me, including myself, then I would not be here teaching you this course.

I have encapsulated my greatest teachings, techniques, and processes that will make the most significant difference in clearing blocks and allowing your impossible to unfold into a living reality.

Live Your Impossible Group Coaching Program is a high vibrational coaching container that has changed lives, not just mine but many of my clients’ lives around the world.

My vision and mission are to see as many lives possible change by teaching others to believe in themselves, achieve, and become blown away by creating, what they’ve been told is impossible.

Are you ready for this?

This is for the soul-led woman who believes in her heart, body, and soul that something greater is meant for her and she won’t stop until she makes it a reality.

If this sounds like you, then go ahead and apply for your spot today!


Only 8 spots are available to maintain a sacred container and support those truly ready for this life-changing experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve Got Questions? I’ve Got Answers!

The ideal candidate for Live Your Impossible is someone who has/is:    


  • Been doing the work & ready to step it up
  • Ready for a no bullsh*t approach
  • Ready to get real, integrated, and own their ‘ish!
  • Knows their desires will happen – they believe it in their core
  • An avid learner and ready for next-level support & growth

This program tends to attract women but we also welcome males who resonate with this journey.

Apply right away as we only reserve a certain amount of spots to maintain a close, intimate container and for those, we truly feel are ready to commit with their entire being for this life-changing experience.

2 times a month for 2-2.5 hours per session for 6 consecutive months. The first session of every month teaches one of the Live Your Impossible Pillars and the second session of every month will be hot-seat group coaching where participants can bring their questions and challenges to work on it together.

If you choose to upgrade to the VIP Soul Sis package, you will receive a private monthly coaching session for six months. This session will be booked directly with Minerva based on both your availability.

Our next and only cohort for 2022 begins March 24th from 8-10 pm EST and meets 2 times a month until August 2022.

Limited spots are available for this group and the bonus expires on March 11th so apply today.

All sessions will take place virtually via Zoom and then recordings will be uploaded to your own personal secure online portal for your review.

Throughout this container, you will have the opportunity to ask questions during the live training and receive hot-seat-style coaching during our live group calls. This is on a voluntary basis and is based on the time allotted in each session. You will also receive support outside of our live sessions through a free app service called, Slack. Here you can ask questions and receive a personal response from me and extra support from your soul family should you desire. 

If you enroll as a VIP SOUL SISTER, you will receive six (6) 60-minute private coaching calls each month. This is great if you prefer more one-on-one time with Minerva to dive deeper into your blocks and goals. (Only 3 VIP spots available so book today!)

We understand it can feel revealing to share your deepest and most vulnerable side with a  room full of strangers. But we promise a sacred family bond is created from day one. Participants of our program go on to be friends and share having a spiritual community elevated their experience and results in this program. 

As a Certified Spiritual Coach and ICF accredited PCC (Professional Certified Coach), I uphold the code of ethics and honor every single one of my client’s confidentiality and created and protect the sacred space in everyone one of our sessions.

You will never be forced to share. We leave it up to you to share as much or as little as you like. From experience, the more open and willing you are to bare your soul, the more becomes available to heal, change and transform and you are able to receive the support you need.

The hot-seat coaching sessions are an open format so you may opt-in or out of being coached at any time or may just choose to observe in one or two sessions depending on what feels best for you at the time.

It is encouraged that you attend all sessions live to get the most out of the program. However, we understand unexpected circumstances can arise so for this purpose all sessions will be recorded and uploaded to your personal and secure online portal for your review so that you don’t miss a thing. 

There will be no make-up sessions unless of course on the rare occasion Minerva needs to cancel or reschedule a session due to unforeseen circumstances then a group make-up session will be offered.

No program out there can guarantee results as it can never control a participant’s level of effort, commitment, readiness for change, willingness, action taken, where they are in their journey, and results incurred.  We have seen and shared incredible results as listed above and in our testimonials. Results vary per participant. Some results show up in the internal, some external, and oftentimes both. If you do the work, you are bound to walk away with some level of change – that level is up to you.

We fully believe in the power of our program but we ask that you take full responsibility for your actions and results. If there is something more we can do to support you, please contact Minerva directly as we know she will do everything within her power to support your satisfaction and success in this program.

To secure your spot in this program, first or full payment must be made.

You have the choice to make a full payment or opt-in for six-monthly payments. All payment plans require a signed credit card authorization form and a card to be kept on file.

Once accepted into the program, you will receive a welcome letter, group coaching agreement, and an invoice where you can pay with your preferred form of payment.

Please note prices listed on this site and invoices issued are in CAD (Canadian Dollars). For our American friends, the approximate conversion rate is listed above for convenience but the final exchange rate will be determined by your bank/credit card company on the date of purchase. You can use XE.com for current exchange rates.

Due to the limited space in this container, there are no refunds or transfers for deposits, partial or full payments once the program has commenced on March 24th, 2022.

Due to the limited space available in this group coaching container and it only being offered once a year we do not offer any refunds or transfers for group coaching and group coaching + private coaching session upgrades.

If for whatever reason you are not satisfied, please reach out to Minerva directly to resolve any concerns or issues.

Applications for our March 24, 2022 cohort open February 24th and close March 18th. This is the only time we will be offering Live Your Impossible this year.

If you would like to join, click the “APPLY NOW” button below and complete the application.

Once you submit your application, Minerva will personally review each application to ensure it is the right fit for both of you. You will receive a personal email stating if there is a spot for you in this program or if she recommends you join next year based on availability and/or compatibility. 

If you are accepted, you will have 72 hours to accept the offer and secure your spot by completing the first or full payment otherwise the spot will be offered to the next person on the list.

If you need more time to decide if Live Your Impossible Program is right for you, we recommend soaking up some more of Minerva’s wisdom from her podcast, Words of Wisdom, or book an introductory to see if you are aligned.


Either way, we appreciate you for being here and we hope to hear from you soon!