Group Coaching

Hello There, Courageous Soul!

Do you have a deep burning desire in your soul and a clear vision in your mind?

Do you believe you have the power within and that anything is possible?

Do you have the unstoppable determination that won’t stop until your goals have become manifest?

Are you ready to give up a life of force and fear and create a life of more ease flow and true freedom?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Welcome to…


This program is made for you if:


  • You are ready to turn all your hard work and effort into living-breathing-feeling results so that you are finally living the dream and no longer chasing it
  • You have been investing in yourself and are ready for a next-level approach with exponential results so that you are no longer running on the same spot and actually experiencing the results you want
  • You understand no one can do it alone and next-level results require next-level effort – all greats have a coach and you are ready to step into your greatness!
  • You believe your dreams are possible, you just need some guidance to get there (and perhaps faster) so that you don’t waste any more time living in a place of dimming your light
  • You realize it’s not just about achieving your goals but becoming the person you know you are meant to be – a fully expanded, infinite, free-flowing being so that you can serve the world on a greater scale and fulfill your mission

Do you have a fire burning inside you and you can truly say you’re doing ‘the work’ but it’s just not happening for you?

You are working with coaches, taking classes, leveling up your knowledge and skills but your desired outcome still feels so far away.

You don’t get it. You work harder. You’re not giving up… When Universe, when will it happen?” What more can you do?

Even though the drive in you won’t let up you know you can’t go on like this anymore.

Once and for all, it’s got to happen!

Something in you switches – you are more serious and determined than ever to make this happen…but how?

I was exactly where you are and that turning point is what made me access life-changing tools and knowledge that allowed me to receive the income, clients, opportunities, and life I always dreamed of and worked my arse off for. 

That is what inspired me to create this program, Live Your Impossible to guide you in making your dreams a tangible reality with less force and mistakes and with more ease and flow.

What does it mean to “Live Your Impossible”, you ask?

Live Your Impossible means living, breathing, feeling that thing you have been working so hard for in a more aligned, sustainable, and accelerated way.

Over the next 6 months, I will show you how to stop feeling like the rabbit chasing the carrot and start living into the reality you really want.

I will use my proven framework, “The Being Method”.

The Being Method is my unique method of tapping in and working on a deeper level to overcome and transmute blocks on a mental, emotional, physical, energetic, and spiritual level raising your vibrational frequency & cellular make-up to actualize the life you have been working hard to create. This method is proven to actualize life partners, improve relationships, ignite your life’s purpose, run successful businesses, increase income, and hit the next level in every area of life with less force and more ease. Most importantly, it guides you in reaching your fullest potential and living out a life greater than you wanted.

The 5 Levels

Be  We will start with the most expansive and important work from the beginning to align you to the life you want. Too often people think that once they achieve (blank) then they will become who they’ve always wanted to be and feel what they want to feel (created from ego) but with my most powerful processes, you will learn how to start operating from our highest expression and natural state of being (soul essence) so that you are experiencing the life you want NOW and fast track the manifesting of your desires into the physical.

Think  Breakthrough years of subconscious programming holding you back from living your impossible. You will discover the point of creation of your most limiting beliefs, inner critic, and sabotaging thought patterns; and learn how to destroy and uncreate them so that they never return and you can start operating from the highest and most aligned thought patterns that serve your highest vision.

Feel    At this level, we tap into and heal years of stored emotional trauma and wounds, known & unknown to you, that is keeping you in the vibrational misalignment of your desired goals. We will go deep in a supportive environment to transmute and heal your deepest wounds with generational healing, inner child work, and powerful honoring techniques so that you can release what was hiding in the shadows and taking up space for Universal Love to flow in.

Do  Our goals are not a place to get to, it’s a place to come from”– Rich Litvin. Too often we act from a place of lack and wanting but what if we started taking aligned action from a place of knowing and having so that our desires show up with more ease, flow, and efficiency? At this stage, and throughout the program, any actions you are called to take will be from a place of alignment and authenticity to you and your highest vision. You will be guided through powerful techniques that help you discover the unique steps that are efficient and effective to propel you to actualizing your desires. 

Unseen Realm  You are more than a body, you are spirit being in physical form. You have innate spiritual gifts and guidance to help guide and actualize the life you were put on this Earth to live. You will be guided to easily access your Soul’s mission, connect to your Higher Power, communicate with your Highest Self, and access pure consciousness within you so that you can overcome blocks and receive next-level guidance to actualize the life greater than you’ve imagined. In addition to working with your “spiritual team in the unseen”, I will be supporting you with deep energetic work to release any stuck stagnant energies, heal any energetic wounds and balance your divine masculine and feminine energies so that you are creating a life that has deep satisfying and fulfilling results and is aligned to your highest good. 

What makes this group special?

Every session will be a unique experience with the consistency of:

  • Deep Healing & Transformational Work This program is best for those who can truly say they have been doing the work for a long time and have been taking action and working on their mindset, but just not seeing their desires and goals come into fruition. In this intimate group container, I offer a deeper level of coaching that not only addresses the blocks & limitations on a physical and intellectual level but provides profound healing and transmutes blocks on an emotional, energetic, and spiritual level that have been unconsciously blocking you from manifesting your desires. This program addresses all aspects of you while giving special attention to the non-physical aspects of you – energy, emotional, and spiritual. After all, you are energy beings on a human experience and everything is responding to your energetic output. By working on levels most people are afraid of, unsure how to navigate or know how to make practical, you learn practical tools, experience deep healing, and catapult towards the manifestation of your goals so that you are no longer running on the same spot but seeing, feeling and experiencing real inner and outer results.
  • Exponential Growth  Every session you show up with an open mind, heart, and spirit, you will experience powerful insights, breakthroughs, and growth that keeps increasing. In addition to the powerful lessons you will learn in each session, you will get to put your breakthroughs and insights into practice with hands-on exercises, in-session support from me as well as support outside of the session so that you can continue with confidence, feel encouraged and keep on track to your manifesting your goals. 
  • Sustainable Results & Tools  Although no program out there can guarantee results, I can guarantee you that if you show up with a completely open mind and heart and do the work, you will walk away with nothing less than a transformative experience and feel like a brand new high vibrating person (and remember what I said about everything is energy and attracts onto you what you put out?). In addition to this life-changing experience, you will be equipped with timeless tools that you can use anytime to continue creating on the next evolution of your journey.

This 6-month group coaching program is designed to help you:

  • Create the life you want, not keep chasing it!
  • Transmute blocks and years of pain so you can heal and show up fully as your authentic self and create a life from your truth, not pain
  • Heal generations of hurt so you can change the negative patterns not just for yourself but for your loved ones and future generations to come
  • Deconstruct the ego and operate from your soul essence so that you can create your dream life from a place of ease and alignment to your highest purpose, and not from a place of fear, force, and old conditioning 
  • Make it impossible to go back to the old version of you so that you can stop repeating the same unsatisfying patterns and results and keep expanding to the next level
  • Eliminate limitations in your mind so you can create a life of infinite possibilities and beyond
  • Reprogram your cellular imprint so that you experience an “energetic makeover” and easily align to the highest and best your soul intended for you to experience when you came to earth
  • Raise your dominant vibrational frequency so that you are a magnet for more and attract your desires with ease and flow
  • Naturally operate from your highest vibration while giving you practical grounding tools so that you can show up as your best self in your personal and professional life
  • Stop playing small and fully step into your light so that you can own who you authentically are and fulfill your soul’s mission
  • Offer you timeless tools that you can carry forth and keep deliberating creating beyond this program
  • Discover your unique manifesting code so you can always have something to fall back on and continue consciously creating
  • Experience deep satisfaction, fulfillment, and true freedom

It goes unsaid that when you do the inner work, the results and transformations that show up in the physical will be an increase in financial abundance, deeper meaningful relationships with loved ones, new exciting career opportunities, and the true fulfillment of becoming the person you know you know are meant to be!

Need I say more?

Client Testimonial

Live Your Impossible is strategically and divinely created to support you with going deep in a sacred environment, breakthrough and transmute your deepest blocks, embody the life and person you are meant to be, and take real practical steps towards making your desires a tangible reality.

Here’s what is included:

  • 2 Live Group Sessions per month  We will meet two times a month for 2hrs each via Zoom. We will start with a collective energy clearing, then move into a powerful coaching lesson focusing on one of the layers of living your impossible (being, feeling, doing, thinking, & unseen level), engage in experiential learning exercises moving you towards your impossible as well as a hot-seat type coaching, Q & A time and setting up aligned actions to keep momentum outside of your group coaching session.



  • Unlimited Support via Slack This is a free app where you gain unlimited support from me to stay in alignment with your goals, receive support from other like-minded souls, and safe place to share your wins so we can celebrate you! This is especially helpful during integration week where you will have a week off after every session to implement your learnings and any questions arise.




  • Lifetime Access to session recordings and workbooks  so you can review our powerful lessons, relive and open up to new “ah-ha” moments, and reuse the tools for your next level creations
  • Private Coaching Sessions If you love one-on-one time then you’re going to want to become a VIP Soul Sis! This includes a monthly private session with me to explore your unique blocks and needs on a deeper level to accelerate towards your goals (see below for details)
  • The best part of all is you become apart of a spiritual community of like-minded high vibrating beings. They say you are the average of the 5 people you most hang around with. Increase your vibrational frequency and increase the quality of your life by joining this close-knit community.


A small investment for a big change:

  • 12 x 2hr live group sessions over 6 months
  • Weekly homework assignments
  • Unlimited Group Support
  • Bonus – Soul-Led Manifested Year – Online Workshop in January 2021 to set soul aligned goals and action steps for 2021
  • Extra Bonus – Live Your Impossible Kick-Off Call (November 30th, 2020)

Investment for December 2020 cohort:


6-month payment plan: 700 USD deposit + monthly payments of 550 USD

*Prices are subject to change for 2021 cohort

If you are someone who is ready to dive deep and eager to manifest your goals, then you’re gonna love my VIP SOUL SIS package!

In this package, you will receive six monthly private coaching sessions with me (some nurturing one-on-one time, baby!), and for taking an extra leap of faith in yourself I will treat you to one extended session of distant energy healing to sweep your energetic field of any low dense energies keeping your desires in vibrational escrow!

VIP SOUL SIS package includes:


  • Everything in the group coaching program
  • 6 private coaching calls (60 mins each)
  • 1 extended private coaching session for energy clearing and realignment (20 mins)




5900 USD

6-month payment plan: 1070 USD + monthly payments of 855 USD


A little about me:

Hello again, Beautiful Soul! I am so honored and excited you are embarking on this life-changing journey to fully step into your light and make your dreams a living reality.

I know it’s not easy and you have been doing the work for a long but trust me when I say, if you can see it you can make it happen!

But if your efforts don’t seem to be getting you anywhere then I have a story for you.

One day I snapped.

I realized I was doing the work but was not getting anywhere close to making my goals a reality – I felt like Barney Rubble running on the same spot for years.

I told myself…

No more doing the work and not seeing tangible results.

No more making spurts of money and then wondering when the next batch is gonna come in.

No more playing small and reaching for something that feels so far away. No more!

I was done.

I dove in deep to get this resolved and actualized once and for all.

I have always been dedicated to my self-development but this time I took it to the next level. I invested in 6 different coaches and multiple programs in just one year, saturated my mind with new powerful teachings, lived and breathed techniques these techniques in my sleep, stepped outside my comfort zone, went deep into my shadows, and walked out the other side more in my truth than I have ever been. My marriage, money, career, business, and self-confidence took off, and truly felt the deep satisfaction, freedom, and success I have been longing for.

But get this… even though it was not always the most comfortable, it is with less force and more ease than I co-created the reality my soul has been yearning for. And I want to help you do the same with less work and in less time.

That is why I created the Live Your Impossible Group Coaching Program.

I want to help you achieve your impossible with more ease, flow, and in alignment with your true self. Not in the old outdated way society says you have to do it with “working harder”, “struggle is part of success”, “sleep when you die”, you know, the wounded masculine way of pushing through and forcing things to happen. Nope, not me, anymore. You?

I will be offering my deepest and most powerful tools in the most loving and supportive way to help you overcome what is standing in the way of where you are and where you truly want to be.

Are you ready?

This is only for those who can truly recognize themselves for all the hard work they have been putting towards their goals, dedicated to themselves, believe their dreams are possible but just need a new level type of help to make their dreams a tangible reality. 

If this sounds like you, then go ahead and apply for your spot today!


Limited Spots Available to Keep this Container Intimate and  Available to Those Serious About This Transformation.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve Got Questions? I’ve Got Answers!

This group program is perfect for courageous, goal-oriented souls who have truly been doing the work to achieve their goals but just not getting the results they want. The ideal candidate for this program is ready for the next level and therefore ready and willing to go deep, get a little uncomfortable, and come out the other side with an inner and outer transformation.

This program tends to attract women but we also welcome males who resonate with this journey.

Apply right away as we only reserve a certain amount of spots to maintain a close, intimate container and for those, we truly feel are ready for this life-changing experience.

2 times a month for 2 hours per session for 6 consecutive months. Our first cohort begins on December 2nd at 7:30 pm EST and meets bi-weekly until May 2021.

Limited spots open per group. The next cohort is undetermined and this introductory price won’t be offered again so take advantage of this opportunity today!

All sessions will take place virtually via Zoom and then recordings will be uploaded to your own personal secure portal for your future review.

Throughout this container, you will have the opportunity to receive hot-seat style coaching during our group calls as well as support outside of the session through a free app called, Slack. Here you can ask questions and receive a personal response from me.  If you enroll as a VIP SOUL SISTER, you will receive a 60-minute private coaching call each month.

In this container and as a Certified Spiritual Coach, part of my code of ethics to create a safe, sacred, and confidential space. You are welcome to share as much or as little as you want and welcome to volunteer or opt-out of the hot-seat coaching at any time. In my experience, the more open and willing you are, the more you healing and support you will receive. We honor whatever you feel is best for you.

It is encouraged that you attend all sessions live to get the most out of the program. However, we understand unforeseeable circumstances can arise so for this purpose all sessions will be recorded and uploaded to your personal and secure online portal for your review so that you don’t miss a thing.

No program can guarantee results as we cannot control participants’ level of effort, commitment, and readiness for change, however, this process offers powerful tools and guidance that are proven to create life-changing results for a person who has done some groundwork and ready and willing to do the inner work to see results.

The soul-mate client for this program is hardworking, dedicated to themselves and their goals, willing to make a change, willing to do something new and knows there is something more, ready to go deep (and I mean deep) to explore their shadows in a safe place to transmute their blocks, fears, pains, and insecurities so that they can rise to embody the highest version of themselves and live the ultimate life they are meant to live. They understand that next-level results require next-level commitment, focus, and action; and they are ready and prepared financially, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for this life-changing ride.

If you are accepted into the program, you will receive an acceptance letter with a secure PayPal payment link. You can choose to pay with any form of payment.

To confirm your spot in the program, full or deposit payment must be made.

If opting in for the payment plan, the deposit is charged at the time of purchase, and then the 6-month payment plan starts 4 weeks from the deposit payment. All payments are scheduled 4 weeks apart.

There are no refunds or transfers for deposits, partial or full payments.


There are absolutely no refunds or transfers for the group or group + 1:1 coaching programs.

If for whatever reason you are not satisfied, please reach out to Minerva directly to resolve any concerns or issues.

Currently, our December 2020 cohort is closed and a waitlist is open for 2021 cohort.

If you would like to join our 2021 waitlist, click the button below or email us at to be added to our list.

When registration opens again, you will have the opportunity to apply and will be asked to fill out a questionnaire. Once you submit your application, I personally review each application and intuitively & logically choose who would be the best fit for our group program. You will receive a personal email notifying you if you have been accepted at which point you will have 72 hours to accept and make your first payment to secure your spot or your spot will be offered to the next person on the list.

If it’s not the right time for you to join this program, I will recommend other coaches, programs, or steps aligned to where you are.

If you need more time to decide if Live Your Impossible Program is right for you, you are welcome to book a Breakthrough Your Impossible Intro Session. The fee from that session can be applied to this group program should we both feel it’s the right fit to proceed.