morning manifestors club

Weekly Manifesting Practices to Become a Clear Channel to Receive Your Good


 Do you sometimes feel like a clean slate and then feel blocked again?

Do you want to connect deeper with your innate manifesting abilities so you can attract your desires with ease?

Are you ready to speed up the momentum of your manifestations into form?

If so, I have just the thing for you!


Welcome to the

morning manifestors club

In this powerful container, I will lead you through powerful and potent daily routines to clear your energetic blocks and become a clear channel to receive your desires into form.

Master Manifestor & Spiritual Life Coach, MinervaI’m Minerva Maharajh, a Manifesting Expert & Certified Spiritual Life Coach and I have created a beautiful life and business. I have 2 gorgeous kids, am married to my childhood sweetheart, bought and renovated a home I saw in my mind before it showed up in my reality, own 2 successful coaching businesses that came from divine downloads, and experience four & five figure income months, and live a life of freedom & space where I get to do what I love, work when I want, and make a significant impact with my incredible clients while having plenty of time to spend with myself and my family.

The reason I share this is that all of this started with a clear vision, deep feeling inside, and consistent aligned action which came from having a consistent daily practice.

When I analyze all my manifestations, from big to small,  I attribute them to a daily practice.

When I am feeling off or forget my daily practice, my energy and manifestations feel off track too.

When I return and keep deepening my practice, my entire being and attraction abilities become stronger and I become more magnetic. I want the same for you too.

There is no way around it, you have to have a solid deepening practice to elevate to the level of your desires coming into form.


Join me and other manifestors for a powerful weekly container where you’ll receive…

Morning Manifestors Club

Powerful Manifesting Practices

Weekly manifesting exercises led by yours truly to build a solid spiritual practice that clears, grounds, and elevates your entire being and manifesting frequency within 30 minutes. This includes a variety of powerful guided meditations, gentle body movements, energy and mindset clearings, journal prompts, and reflection questions to focus your attention and energy for the week. You can return to the guided practices as many times as you’d like during the week and choose a time that works for your schedule (morning, noon, or night). These are practices that will clear and releases blockages on your manifesting path and open you up to be an energetic match to receiving your desires.


Morning Manifestors Club

Weekly Support

Tweak your daily practice and energy by plugging into the weekly support made available to you through our Facebook Q & A. Join us live or leave your questions/comments and receive a direct answer from me once per week to strengthen your practice and realign your frequency with your desires.


Morning Manifestors Club

Manifesting Community

Have you ever heard how a group of meditators have the power to improve the quality of life and lower crime rates? This has become known as The Maharishi Effect when a group of individuals comes together to tap into a higher field of consciousness. In the Morning Manifestors Club, you will join other powerful souls joining forces to unlock another level of consciousness. You will have access to an exclusive private facebook community where you can lean on each other for support and celebrate your wins! In addition to this, you will have an opportunity pair up with a Manifesting Buddy to hold yourself accountable and committed to your daily practice.

Morning Manifestors Club

This monthly club includes:

  • Weekly Morning Guided Exercises with Certified Spiritual Coach & Master Manifestor, Minerva Maharajh (4 per month, live & pre-recorded)
  • Exclusive Facebook Group for support and celebrations
  • Weekly Q & A for your burning manifesting questions
  • Manifesting Accountability Buddy
  • GIFT- Amplify Your Attraction Aura Guided Meditation and Intention setting worksheet to open a new portal of manifesting on this leg of your journey

Other Deets

Starts Wednesday, December 7th at 6 am PST /9 am EST

Monthly membership where you receive weekly manifesting practices

New practices will drop weekly at the same time

Attend live or catch the replay at a time that is most convenient for you

Membership Price of $50 per month or $111 in full for 3 months

3 Month commitment is required whether paying in full or per month



After you select your preferred payment option below, you will be directed to a secure payment portal (Stripe) to complete payment. Upon completion, you will then be redirected to our online private morning manifestors group and granted access within 24 hours of purchase.

So excited to lead you in this powerful conscious container!


DISCLAIMER: By joining this monthly club, you must take radical responsibility for your actions, results, and mental, emotional, physical, financial, spiritual, and emotional health. You are encouraged to attend live or listen to the recordings on a weekly basis to get the most out of your membership and program. Once you have registered and payment is made, NO REFUNDS OR TRANSFERS are granted, whether you attend live, participate on your own time, not at all, or deem for whatever reason it’s not a good fit for you – there are no exceptions. By registering and making payment, you will be required to honor your payment plan, whether you complete this program or not. Of course, we aim to provide the highest quality service for our clients so we welcome your feedback by sending an email to: . If you are new to Minerva’s world, we encourage you to check out her Instagram and listen to her Words of Wisdom Podcast to make an aligned decision before committing.


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