Private Coaching

Private Coaching


My private coaching sessions are currently on hold while I take a short maternity leave. I will be opening up 3 private coaching spots for 3 expansive beings who have been doing the inner and outer work to create a life of freedom and are ready to catapult to the next level to make freedom a living reality.

My private coaching experience is perfect for the driven woman who is ready for the next level of expansion. This deep, intimate custom experience caters to your specific needs and goals in your life and career to help you fully embody your light and step into the next level with more ease and flow, expediting results so you can take your mission to the next level.

Upon enrollment, you will receive a deep dive extended first-session gaining a clearer understanding of where you are, where you want to be, and a full assessment of what’s standing in the way.  Each session is a powerful experience as we get laser-focused and make leaps towards your next level goals. Not only will you see tangible results and progress, but you will also feel a one-of-a-kind transformation envelop inside you. I will hold space for you for your breakthroughs and transformations to unfold while supporting you with a variety of tools that work to transmute blocks on an energetic, emotional, subconscious level; as well as anything else standing in the way on the mental and physical level that is standing in the way of the full embodiment of the next-level life you dream of. My clients have achieved their goals in 6 months- 1 year of working with me.

My private clients receive the VIP treatment and get the most access and support from me with weekly calls and unlimited support through Voxer. My 1:1 clients also get gifted with free events and digital courses.

This work is sacred and we go deep, so for this reason, in order to serve at my highest level and ensure my clients receive the undivided attention they deserve, I only work with three 1:1 clients at a time.

Some of the work we will do together includes but is not limited to:

  • Breakthrough old subconscious programming and creating higher-level programming to align you to co-creating your next-level vision
  • Release hidden emotional wounds and traumas so you can start operating from your truth and not trauma
  • Inner Child Work so you can start operating from pure divine love and worthiness and no longer chase the dream from a place of ego (needing safety, love & approval)
  • Ancestral Healing so that you can break the negative patterns and experiences happening for you and in your family’s life and rewrite the course your family will continue on
  • Healing and balancing masculine and feminine energies so you can make aligned decisions, improve your relationships, business, work-life, and well-being
  • Breakthrough your financial setpoint and receive next-level income so that you can experience more ease, flow, and time/money/energy freedom in your life
  • Receive business and marketing consulting from a proven and ground-breaking strategy that is aligned to your authentic truth and not from an old-school-sleazy way of being so that you can hit the next level and increase creativity, income, and impact
  • Having it all without the guilt and shame – money, love, confidence, purpose, family, impact, freedom, health….you name it, you got it!

Private Coaching Includes:

  • 3x one hour sessions per month
  • 1x integration week with aligned homework
  • Unlimited voice/text messaging via Voxxer


Only 3 spots are open for November.
Apply for a spot today:

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