Spiritual Coaching

Live Your Impossible

A private coaching program for ambitious women ready to reach the next level

and make their deepest desires a reality.

Do you desire to …

  • Find a deep meaningful relationship with a life-long partner?
  • Find work that sets your soul on fire and truly know you are making a difference?
  • Have more than enough money to pay your bills and have the freedom to enjoy other pleasures in life?

The problem is you've been experiencing...

  • One underwhelming relationship after the other, with (knowingly) the wrong guy
  • Being stuck at a job you know your talents and gifts are not being utilized to its fullest and at the same time probably have no clue what your true calling is
  • Doing your best to achieve financial security but can’t seem to get ahead despite your determined efforts

Don't worry, I see you!

  • You are driven, hardworking and can confidently say you have been doing the work but still have no idea what you are doing wrong
  • You are dedicated to your growth and maybe have seen therapists, other coaches, read books but it’s still not showing up for you
  • You are on the verge of giving up but that fighter energy in you won’t let you…you know there has to be more…

Hi! I’m Minerva Maharajh, the Goddess of Wisdom!

(That’s the meaning of my name)

I’m a Certified Spiritual Life Coach and Instructor at The Life Purpose Institute, Associate Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation, Reiki Practitioner, Access Bars Practitioner, Speaker & Author. I am on a mission to help amazing women, like you, reach your impossible.

What does reach ‘your impossible’ mean?

Reach your impossible means finally achieving your deepest desires – the ones that you have been working so hard for but secretly doubting on the side.

So I’ve developed a signature program to help break through the blocks holding you back from living and breathing the life you deeply desire and also not only achieving your goals but teach powerful tools to sustain your dream life.

I’ve worked with many women who have been struggling for years to achieve results on their own but through our work together they’ve:

  • Found meaningful relationships and got engaged to the love of their life!
  • Discovered their life’s work
  • Broke through new levels of financial freedom
  • Drastically improved their self-esteem and exude true confidence
  • Ultimately became the woman they were always meant to be!

I know this system works because I have been where you are – living one unsatisfying relationship after the other, struggled with money coming and going my entire life, pursued a career in Film & TV since I was 8 years old only to discover at 30 years old it was not the right path for me. Even though I experienced much success in my old career as a dancer and actress, performing with NBA Toronto Raptors Dance Pack for 5 years, numerous TV shows, commercials, music videos, and dancing on celebrity tours I was so unhappy and not my best self.

This exponential coaching process is comprised of my latest, greatest, and most effective life & spiritual tools along with a variety of other modalities that have helped many other women and it has also helped me discover and live my life purpose as a Spiritual Life Coach. I’ve also been able to marry my childhood sweetheart, enjoy financial freedom, and ultimately become the person I am meant to be (and still evolving to the next level). I truly wake up sin awe of my life of what I have co-created and I want to help you do the same.


Live Your Impossible

A private coaching program for ambitious women ready to finally achieve their deepest desires.

Live Your Impossible is a private coaching program for women who are yearning to break through the next level in their life purpose, money, love, and confidence. This is all possible when you learn to live from your light.

There is no coaching program out there like this that provides a significant change in a short amount of time. This program takes you on a journey of honoring your past, super-charging your goals for success,  identifying and overcoming your blocks through a variety of life and spiritual coaching tools and modalities, and ultimately supports you as you start achieving results and evolving into the woman you’ve always wanted to be. You will also walk away with lifelong tools to maintain your growth to the next level.

This program is for you if:

  • You have been doing the work for a long time but beyond frustrated as to why your desires are not showing up.
  • You have been dating for a while and stuck in unsatisfying relationships
  • Have no clue what you are meant to do or have an inkling but no confidence or clarity on how to make it happen
  • Want to make more money than “make ends meet”

If this sounds like you and you’re ready to make a change, Live Your Impossible is right for you!

Here's what makes Live Your Impossible unique...

I See the Unseen

As a Certified Spiritual Life Coach and Associate Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation, I’ve spent years of training and perfecting my process to help people who are experiencing minimal and unsustainable results due to not having the support or tools to get to the root of the problem. With my unique coaching style of bridging practical life tools with powerful spiritual processes, I am able to zone in on unresolved emotional issues, energetic blocks, and unconscious conditioning you have been carrying for years. By uncovering these buried issues, we gain clarity on what has previously been making it difficult to move forward, lessens the resistance to make progress, and provides a breeding ground for greater breakthroughs.

Variety of Tools

Along with being a Certified Spiritual Life Coach & Associate Certified Coach, I am a Reiki Practitioner, Chakra Aura Healer, and Access Bars Practitioner; I am also in the process of becoming a Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner & Hypnotherapist. I am dedicated to my client’s progress and always offering the latest techniques to foster significant, fast, and sustainable change. Not only will you receive support in a practical sense but also experience a variety of tools and modalities for a deep mind-body-soul transformation that accelerates the actualizing of your goals and deep cellular level change.

Lasting Results

Another reason this program is different from others is it provides customized support not just during the early stages of coaching of identifying and overcoming your blocks but I am also by your side as you start rising into the person you were meant to be and actualizing your goals in the physical. In addition to that, during our time together you gain an array of lifelong tools and skills to maintain the beautiful results you have co-created. Many of my clients still personally message me to this day saying they are still putting into practice what they have learned and the trajectory of their life keeps going up because of our work together.

This program will help you finally create the life you have been searching for. Together we'll:

  • Heal past hurts and open you up to love again
  • Gain clarity and direction in your life’s purpose
  • Heal your money relationship and make a full 360 so you can experience greater abundance
  • Raise your self-esteem and confidence so you can start living your light!

Here’s what you’ll receive with working with me:

  • Healing and peace with your past
  • A deeper understanding of past behaviors and old conditioning that got you here
  • Clear powerful goals and action steps guaranteed to set you up to win – 99% of my clients achieve all their goals in 3-6 months!
  • Awareness of blocks and obstacles and support with my most powerful tools and processes proven to chisel away or dismantle what you have been struggling with for years
  • Significant shift in your vibrational frequency and positive life experiences to reflect the postive output of your vibrational energy setpoint
  • A deep knowing your desires will come (unless it already does during our time together!)
  • Confidence to shine your light and be who you truly are without feeling uncomfortable or questioning yourself again
  • Rewrite and heal your money story restoring the flow of money coming into your life in creative and abundant ways – Clients of mine have received new levels of income and job opportunities during our time together
  • Clarity and direction on your soul’s calling
  • Heal past and present relationships with loved ones and open up to deeper meaningful relationships
  • Become the woman you were always meant to be with life-long tools to maintain your growth and exciting path ahead

My ‘Being’ Method:

I have fine-tuned my method where we work on a deep soul, energetic and subconscious level to make a transformative, sustainable, and exponential change in a short amount of time than if you were to do it yourself. I honor each woman that comes to me and take the time to understand their unique story and customize a coaching path by meets your needs, works at your pace, and provides an honest partnership guiding you to where you want to go to create tangible results.

The first session is extended for a full Life Assessment and the following sessions are 60 minutes in length. We get laser-focused and make progress in every session (no one session is the same). We meet weekly over the course of 6 months. Together we will cover:

Phase 1 – Journey to Light

In the first phase of our journey together, we will take a look at where you came from in order to create the most effective plan to get you to where you are going. In the first session alone, you will gain greater awareness of your journey, learn about the development of your Ego (False Self), and walk away feeling hopeful for the positive changes to come. In this phase, you will also receive:

  • An extended first session for a Full Life Assessment. This is where we will uncover underlying blocks, patterns, and behaviors that have been blocking you from creating the life you love but not until we start off with a grounding and expansion meditation to commemorate this new journey you will be embarking on (up to 1.5hrs)
  • We will also create a Spiritual Biography of your most defining points and discover the spiritual meaning behind your most challenging life experiences.
  • Learn to honor your journey knowing that every life experience was all part of your soul’s calling to come home to yourself!

Phase 2 – Possibilities of Light

In the next phase, we explore the realm of possibilities and set powerful goals destined for success. We never set unrealistic goals yet we reach beyond what the eyes can see. Your desires are already made, the work now is just aligning you to the frequency of your desires.

  • At this stage, we set SMART goals that are aligned with your highest good. These powerful goals will be used throughout our coaching journey as a target and guide as to which tools and processes will be most effective to help you achieve your goals. You will be held accountable and an action plan is adjusted when needed to ensure your success.
  • In the second session, not only do we set smart powerful goals we also go through a Compelling Vision Exercise which doubles your chances of achieving your goals.
  • Clear Feeling Vision – this is another powerful tool I use and with your commitment and effort, within 30 days, you can see your life unfolding at the request of the Universe reorganizing itself to deliver your desires! This technique is proven to bring about new opportunities, increase money flow, and a greater sense of self in just 14-30 days!

Phase 3 – Blocks to Light

We have great momentum! At this stage, we have identified the top areas of growth, a clear vision of how to achieve your goals, and equipped with powerful tools to start seeing results as quickly as you are open and willing. Now time to get to work on the extra-good stuff, blocks!

  • Here is where we dig deep to clear any and all obstacles standing in the way of living in your true light. Remember Living Your Light means reconnecting back to the true vibration of who you are and when you start operating from that place 80-90% of the time you are in your highest frequency and ultimate power to start creating a life you absolutely love!
  • Using a variety of powerful and proven strategies I have developed, mastered, and trained in, we will embark on a personalized journey to chisel away at the parts that are no longer serving you and ready to be released.
  • What I find makes the most significant change is when we work on the “unseen level”. This is where we work on the spiritual, energetic, and subconscious level to unearth deep-seated blocks, rewire limiting beliefs, heal emotional wounds, shed parts of your Ego/False Self, and reprogram on a cellular level to start creating sustainable change.
  • We will be using a variety of powerful deep processes and tools based on your needs. Some processes include but not limited to:
    • 3B’s – Discover the limiting operating system, destroy limiting beliefs and reprogram a new operating system mentally which will have a positive effect on your state of being, behaviors, vibrational frequency, with immediate results reflecting back to you in your reality.
    • The Forgiveness Process  – Experience true freedom of that comes from letting go of deep wounds caused by others or situations. See yourself and life open up and positive experiences start flowing in because of the beautiful precious space you have freed up.
    • Voice Dialogue – A deep inner (easy) process that I facilitate with you that gives voice to two or more conflicting parts of you which have made it difficult to move forward or see results in any area of your life. The process is known to quickly resolve aspects of ourselves that may have been difficult to understand in previous years and make it easier to move forward through inspired action.
    • Inner Child Work – This process tasks you through a powerful journey to heal unrealized pain that you have been carrying for years while still going back to the point of creation where the ego was developed as a child. Healing the inner child heals the person we show up as today.
    • Cording – Did you know that just because a relationship ends it doesn’t mean it has actually ended? We carry an energetic connection to everyone we’ve had a meaningful relationship with which means once a relationship no longer exists in our life or is in turmoil we can heal the relationship (and let it go if needed) through the process of de-cording
    • Tapping – Gentle tapping on acupuncture points to release deep-rooted beliefs that no longer serve you and stuck on a cellular layer. Experience immediate shifts physically, emotionally, and energetically leaving you feeling lighter, expanded, and free.
    • Spiritual Mastery Process – This process has been used with over a million people and is known to create significant changes that have been difficult to make on any other level. In this process, we utilize your spirituality to bring healing and manifest your desires. Clients have experienced immediate results with rekindling with the love of their life and healing strained relationships with loved ones.
    • Ego & Essence Construct- This powerful framework provides clarity to the life you have lived before, the person you have been built to be, and provides the framework to become the person you want and create the life aligned to your purpose and who you truly are.
    • Ancestral Healing – Deep healing work to break the lineage of scarcity, lack, loneliness and re-write the story not just yourself but your children, mother, grandmothers, etc;
    • Higher Self Work – Tap into your Higher Self for the highest and best guidance that lead to significant results.
    • Soul Frequency – Tap into your soul’s frequency, your unique blueprint, and be guided towards your next steps with the process. Anything that comes from Soul always leads to the highest and best! Don’t worry, I will be by your side the entire way!

Phase 4 – Step Into Your Light

Now that we have healed, pulled back the layers and released the old self and a lot of unconscious conditioning done unto you, you will naturally experience higher levels of energy, and increase your vibrational frequency. Everything is made of energy so what you put out must come back to you! As you have shed a huge load you have consciously and unconsciously carrying for years, you’ll see yourself rise and get reacquainted with yourself as you step into your light!

  • In this phase, you will notice a new you. You will also notice, “I don’t know what to do with my new self” as this new phase may feel quite foreign to you. On top of the powerful work we have done so far, this is where we kick the coaching up a notch and use advanced coaching techniques and energy work to nurture the new you and keep the momentum going on the amazing growth and progress you have made so far.
    • Reiki – A healing technique where Universal healing energy is channeled from me to you to help clear any emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual blocks and restore your energy to the optimum flow. Following your Reiki treatment, feedback is shared of any important messages and insights that came up during your session along with a recommendation to keep the energy flowing.
    • Access Bars – What if you could receive everything you’ve ever wanted? Did you know that there are 32 points on your head which, when gently touched effortlessly and easily release anything that doesn’t allow you to receive? These points contain all the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions, and considerations that you have stored in any lifetime. This is an opportunity for you to let go of everything! Each Access Bars® session can release 5-10 thousand years of limitations in the area of your life that corresponds with the specific Bar being touched.  This is an incredibly nurturing and relaxing process, undoing limitation in all aspects of your life that you are willing to change. How much of your life do you spend doing rather than receiving? Have you noticed that your life is not yet what you would like it to be? You could have everything you desire (and even greater!) if you are willing to receive lots more and maybe do a little less! Receiving The Bars® will allow this to begin to show up for you.
    • Chakra & Aura Healing – This technique accesses your spiritual body as your chakras (gateways to your aura, energy centers) are cleansed, cleared, and recharged to vibrate and rotate in perfect harmony. Your chakras correlate to your physical experience with money, family, career, emotions, creativity, confidence, worthiness, love, forgiveness, communication, sleep, and connection to a Higher Power (whatever that is for you). Clearing your blocks on a spiritual level can help you see tangible benefits in your everyday life. This special session includes a hand-over clearing, laying of crystals on the body, powerful body meditation, and aura cleanse – overall a spa day for the soul!
    • Walk away feeling more deeply engrained in your light, walking confidently into the direction of your dreams!

Phase 5 – Live Your Light

Finally, upon doing the work in this co-creation, you will have experienced a significant shift mind, body, and soul with who you are and the life you are leading. The platform of your life and state of being will have permanently hit new heights it will be difficult to go back to your old self and old life. With your continued work and dedication, you will have re-written your vibrational imprint and story of your life.

You will have already started seeing tangible results in your work, love life, money, and sense of self (individual results vary) but in this chapter, I will support you with maintaining the results, high vibration, healthy habits, patterns, and mindsets that have unfolded. I will be there to help you tweak and maintain momentum on this newfound level of freedom and expansion as you are living your light. The possibilities are endless and I will be honored to be your partner in this journey!


I loving rewarding those who take action towards their dreams so I am excited to gift you with some of my top manifesting tools when you work with me! Seriously, these are personal tools I have used to hit the next level in my income, call in the love of my life, discover my life purpose, and ultimately love who I am.

  • Live Your Light Workbook   Get started on this soul-awakening journey with a welcome booklet written to help you get clear, focused and ignite those “ah-ha” moments for every session. Jam-packed with powerful exercises and tools to help you get the most out of your coaching journey. (Value $25)
  • Infinite Being Meditation  Manifest fast with powerful meditation! Use this every day to call in your desires into the physical realm within 30 days! (Value $25)
  • Destroy and Uncreate Blocks Audio   This power tool cuts through “gunk” on the mental and energy field. Eliminating limitations on the conscious and unconscious levels, feel the immediate shifts as well as cellular ramifications of this easy audio tool that I guide you through to destroying and uncreate your blocks while you sleep or first thing in the morning (Value $25)
  • Email Access Between Sessions   I’m here with you every step of the way! As an added bonus, you’ll have access to me between sessions anytime during work hours. Have a question, need a sounding board, or have a success you want to share, I wanna hear it! I am just an email or text away! (Value $400)

What are you honestly waiting for?

You have come all this way to give up now. You have been spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere. It’s time you let go of the reins and allow someone to partner with you to help you get where you deserve to be!

What will it cost you to continue living the life you have now?

I know what it takes to get you there:

  • I am certified and experienced in a variety of disciplines to provide the highest and best for my clients: Life Coaching, Spiritual Life Coaching, Reiki, Chakra Aura Healing, Access Bars from various prestigious institutions and always adding to my repertoire. Most recently achieved a coaching designation, Associate Certified Coach from The International Coaching Federation. And currently working towards becoming a Rapid Transformational Therapist and Hypnotherapist.
  • I am a published Co-Author (currently writing another book) and seen on CTV Morning Live and What She Said Radio!
  • I’ve spent over $50K in training and over a decade learning from the best of the best. I bet you don’t have that time and money to invest, do you?
  • Real-Life Experience!  I don’t teach anything that doesn’t work. I will be teaching and supporting you with tools and systems that worked for me and hundreds of my clients!

There are the finest tools and systems that took me from toxic relationships, completely lost in my old career, being broke and not liking who I was, to live the life of my dreams! I now have a loving and supportive husband (my childhood sweetheart) whom we have the cutest little kid together, Maya Luna, and a fur-baby, Tulip, we live in a beautiful rustic home which I manifested, and I get to do what I absolutely love doing and been put on this earth to do as a Spiritual Life Coach while still having an abundance of time, money and freedom. Most importantly, I finally feel like I am living in my light and I want to help you do the same!

Book an INTRODUCTORY SESSION to see if  LIVE YOUR LIGHT is right for you!

Let’s get real!

You ARE ready Live Your Impossible if you….

    • Are dedicated to your growth and have been doing a variety of work for a while (worked with a therapist or other professionals, read self-development books, listen to podcasts, or anything else to improve yourself)
    • Take action when you receive an inspired thought or make a valiant effort in pursuit of your goals
    • You willing to make an investment in yourself and will do whatever it takes to finally start living your dream life
    • You LOVE LEARNING and know that learning is a lifelong journey – when you stop learning you stop growing!
    • Know you are WORTH the investment
  • You’re NOT ready to Live Your Impossible if you….

    • Say you want to change but not willing to dig deep and do the internal work. Better yet, you prefer someone to just fix it for you
    • Are stuck at home paralyzed with fear and absolutely no motivation to take action to achieve your goals
    • If it comes down to money, you will use it as an excuse to sit in your pain and hope someone else comes along to take care of your problems for you
    • You thoroughly dislike doing any work that could further you on your journey
    • Say you are worthy but deep down question if you are truly worth it (You are more than worth it by the way!)
  • There are two options available to
    Live Your Impossible

    Foundations to Light

     3 months

    Weekly Coaching Sessions

    12 weekly private sessions via Skype (Recorded upon request)

    Live Your Light Workbook/Welcome Package, Bonus Meditations, and Email support

    Extended First Session for Full Life Assessment (up to 90 mins) followed by 60 mins sessions

    Perfect to set goals, identify blocks, and laying the groundwork for breakthroughs, or if you have done a lot of work previously then this package is perfect for a boost to the next level!

    Skyrocket your Light

    6 months

    Weekly Coaching Sessions + Energy Work

    20 weekly private sessions via Skype + 4 energy healing sessions (In Person)

    Live Your Light Workbook/Welcome Package, Bonus Meditations, and Email support

    Extended First Session for Full Life Assessment (up to 90 mins) followed by 60 mins sessions

    The full experience from honoring your past, identifying blocks and obstacles, full access to life & spiritual coaching and energy work to overcome blocks and breakthrough to the next level in love, money, career, and confidence, maintaining your results and momentum on a higher level!


    During your Introductory Session, experience what coaching will be like for you, learn which package best suits your needs, price, and payment options.

    I’ve spent over $50K in training and I rather you save your money and allow me to help you for a fraction of the time, money, and energy investment I’ve spent in the past.

    I am on a serious mission to support as many people as possible to remember, connect and live from their light in order to help them fulfill their greatest desires and purpose; and to raise the consciousness of the world. That means I want to partner with women who are 111% serious and ready to invest in themselves. Since I am only one woman who wholeheartedly invests her time and soul into each client, I can only make myself available for those serious about change. If this sounds like you, then I invite you to book an INTRO SESSION to see if there is a coaching spot available for you!


    With working privately with my current coaching clients, teaching at The Life Purpose Institute,  running Eat Meditate Love Retreats, writing my book plus balancing family and me-time, that leaves limited spots available in my calendar. I am selective with who I work with and can quickly identify the women who are serious, committed, and open to do the work in order to experience remarkable results in a concentrated amount of time.

    “Inside any deep asking is the answering” – Rumi

    So if this sounds like you, answer the call within and book an Introductory Session to see if this is right for you!


    You’ve got questions- I’ve got answers!

    1. What is Spiritual Life Coaching?

    Spiritual Life Coaching integrates traditional life coaching tools & techniques with deeper inner processes. As a graduate of Life Purpose Institute, we have found spirituality to make the greatest difference in overcoming blocks, achieving goals, and outstanding results, often in a shorter amount of time.

    A Spiritual Life Coach supports individuals and groups to explore or enhance their spirituality and integrate it more fully into their everyday lives so they are living a full and balanced life.

    A Spiritual Coach has the philosophy that people have the answers within them and therefore help them find their own path and direction, and to find the answers to their spiritual questions & life journey within themselves.

    A spiritual coach also holds the client accountable so that the client puts into action spiritual practices, beliefs and values, as well as taking other steps that align to their highest good.

    The difference between therapy and coaching is therapy focuses on past, traumatic issues and coaching is more focused on the present and moving you forward. It gives you tangible tools to overcome blocks, limiting beliefs and reshape unhealthy patterns and behaviors; and is results-oriented.

    Coaching is proven to help people achieve results dramatically faster than those who choose to undergo this process alone.


    2. Who is this program for?

    This coaching program is perfect for women who have been doing the work for a while on their own or seek professional support in the past but are just not getting the results they want.

    The most popular topics I coach my clients around are life purpose, finding love, relationships, money blocks, and self-esteem.

    This coaching program is also open to men.


    3. What if I can’t afford coaching?

    We have different price points and payment plan options available!

    4. What if I don’t have the time?

    There are two different package options with different time commitments. They range from bi-weekly to weekly for 3 months or more.

    The reason for a minimum 3-month commitment is because based on all my years as a Spiritual Life Coach I see the greatest difference with consistent work done over time. I am committed to your growth and want to ensure you are satisfied with our experience together and walk away with tangible results which only occurs with time and commitment.

    5. How do I know if this will work?

    As with any self-help/personal development program, results are not guaranteed – it’s all determined on how open and willing you are to do the work and how you apply the learnings to your everyday life. Live Your Light is set up for your ultimate success. Formulated with laser-focused sessions, support between sessions, up to date powerful and proven processes to support you, action plans with accountability, it all depends on your effort, dedication, and openness to do the work.

    Also, I am selective with the client I work with as I only take on people who I know are serious and committed to doing the work. This allows me to dedicate my time and energy to our deep-dive sessions and witness them reap the most results in 3- 6 months.

    My clients experience a 99.9% success rate of achieving the goals during our time together.

    6. I’m excited, how do I get started?

    Great! If you are ready to get the ball rolling then I suggest booking an Introductory Session to ensure Live Your Light is the right fit for you.

    On this call, you will receive coaching on one area in your life, receive a recommendation on which package is best based on your needs, pricing and I will answer any other questions you may have.

    Once we agree on which package works best for you, you will receive an invoice, schedule your first session and receive your welcome package and bonus upon payment received, then it’s official, get ready to start living your light!


    7. What forms of payment do you accept?

    Forms of payment accepted are PayPal, Cash, Personal Cheques, E-transfers, and Credit Cards.

    Have more questions? Get in touch!

    Just drop my team a note at info@goddessofwisdom.ca and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

    Remember, you are worthy, you are love you are light! With everything you’ve been through it’s understandable you forgot how to operate from your truth. I hope to be the one to support you back home to your true self.

    Looking forward to connecting soon,

    Minerva Maharajh

    Certified Spiritual Life Coach & Founder of Goddess of Wisdom Spiritual Life Coaching