Client Love

Client Testimonial- Jamelia


My experience with Minerva from Goddess of Wisdom has been a blessing. My sessions at Goddess of Wisdom have helped me to reconnect with my inner child again, my happiness. And for that, I cannot thank her enough. Minerva truly cares about her clients. In your session, she is completely devoted to you and gives you all of her attention. She makes sure you feel comfortable and at home. If you are looking for some balance in your life, or even just someone to talk to help sort through all of your hopes and aspirations, Goddess of Wisdom is the place to go.”-

Suzana Garcia


Minerva offered a beautiful meditation to my group and it was exactly what was needed in the middle of our intense day. Minerva’s voice was calm and clear and she blended lovely, relaxing messages with the specific points I wanted her to address. I was very pleased with the experience as a participant and client. Minerva brings an authentic touch to all she offers.”-

Daryl Wood, CPCC


“I really like how you take all the info I’ve given you and try to strip out the noise to find key issues or find basic ways to deal with problems…you keep it simple. Making complex things simple takes sophistication. I like having an action plan. I feel as though each time we meet, I’m re-calibrating myself. I feel like you’ve allowed me to understand my anger/frustration in my relationship and work. I have less stress and I feel like I’m leading a more positive life. Also, I think I’m on a faster road to success, now that I can focus on the things that matter; putting out the right vibes; attracting the things I want. Lastly, I understand myself more because speaking to you has let me confront myself about things I do for which I don’t hold myself accountable. I truly appreciate the help you’ve given me. I feel like I’ve changed a lot in a short time!”–

Marc Faria


Within the short period of time of experiencing Minerva’s sessions. I was impressed with her natural intuitive abilities to give insight and get to the core or heart of matter in different areas of my life. She gave clear directions of the next steps after each session which was very helpful as I explored new ways of manifesting my goals, and they worked! Thanks Minerva!”-

Ingrid Shaban


Minerva has a wonderous, melodic voice that cradles you on a journey of meditative bliss” –

Deana Wilkins


Minerva, true to the meaning of her name, “goddess of wisdom” has provided me with insight and practical tools to help me through the anxiety and and fear around becoming a first time parent. I first started seeing Minerva about half way though my pregnancy, without having taken much action to educate myself about what I was in for on the day of labour. Minerva is really passionate and focused on helping each client achieve their unique needs and she provided me with very productive tailored sessions and practical homework. Minerva helped me understand the fear that was holding me back from preparing myself to the right degree and I immediately started to feel more confident that with each simple action, I could not only get through labour and delivery, but that I could actually be excited about it. Minerva helped me appreciate that this is a once in a lifetime moment to grow and bring my first baby into the world, and I am incredibly grateful to Minerva for helping me to find ease and flow and excitement during this time!



Minerva has a gift.  She provides insight which is both thought and action provoking. In only 3 email sessions, I have learned how to make skillful choices and have been given tools to shape and direct my life.  The exercise in “smart” goals was key to what I’ve accomplished. Minerva aimed a flashlight on the path I wished to go.  Her objective observations and helpful suggestions have shown me how to attain my goals and gage success.  With Minerva’s help, I am confidently heading in the right direction, well equipped to reach my destination.  And, I’m enjoying the journey”. –

Suse Ives


Goddess of Wisdom services are amazing. The care and attention Minerva pays to her clients is appreciated. She is patient and very honest. She provides solutions that are catered to her clients needs.
I am would recommend Goddess of Wisdom services to anyone. It adds to a persons work life balance”



Goddess of Wisdom has helped me immensely on my journey to spiritual enlightenment. Through guided meditation, energy clearing and chakra balancing, Minerva has helped set my platform for spiritual growth. With her knowledge, intuition and openness, I have been able to look inside of myself and truly determine what it is I need for myself! She has provided me with an open and safe environment for expression and healing and has been a ROCK in my life by coaching me through some difficult decisions!”

Malwina Lasocka-Biczysko


“Working with Minerva was extremely empowering to my own personal beliefs. What I greatly admire about her was her open-mindedness and respect for her clients individual spirituality. She asked me what my personal beliefs were and we were able to work on my cleansing and healing based on who Spirit is to me. I will continue my work with Goddess of Wisdom and would recommend her to those seeking light and spiritual guidance!”