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Align with the next level of money and business you want to manifest into reality!

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The reason you don't have it now...

is that you are residing on a different frequency.

Everything is energy and everything emits a frequency. Just like a radio station broadcasts a certain frequency at 104.5, when you tune the radio station to 104.5 you will receive whatever is emitting at that level.

Same with you my friend, you are currently emitting a signal that tells your desires to hang out in the ethers, not to come into physical existence now.


You are living on a different frequency than your desires which is not allowing them to come in.

So in order to have and hold what you'd like more of (in a sustainable way so your manifestations don't keep slipping away) you need to create a strong vibrational platform to receive the good you seek.

To help with that, I am offering a FREE workshop so that you can HAVE IT NOW.

What you'll learn in the Have It Now Workshop

✅ Discover what frequency you have been emitting that is keeping you separate from your desires manifesting

How to tweak your vibration with one simple tool so that you become a clear energetic match

✅ How to strengthen your vibration and build momentum toward your desires so that you are continually a match for your desires and start seeing evidence of it showing up

✅ Learn ALL the layers to being a clear vibrational match for your desires (nope - it's just not feeling your way there!)

By the end of this workshop, you will have become a clear energetic match to the life you seek along with clear action steps on how to overcome the blocks keeping you from creating the dream life and business you desire in a real, tangible, and sustainable way!

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During your workshop, I wrote down to have 3 professional dance jobs by the end of this month. Within a week of your workshop, I booked 3 dance gigs

A little about me...

I have always been someone who had a knowing that something greater and better was possible.

I always saw it and felt it as just is...

An awareness that it WAS and IS possible.

All my best creations came from this knowing and flow.


The only thing that got in the way was "outsourcing"...

  • Outsourcing my thoughts

  • Outsourcing my worth

  • Outsourcing my belief

  • Outsourcing my feelings, and therefore my vibration


... to everyone and everything outside of me.


When I came back to me, I made it happen.

The more I deepen into this space, the more I become solid in my knowing, truth, belief, and power to create more of what my soul knows to be true and possible. More of what I came on this earth to do and experience. 

The more I come back to me, the more I come back to what I've always known and was always able to do.

Create the impossible (I'm possible)


I am here to experience a life of expansion and help you experience the same.


Its always been in me. It's always been within you

With my unique process of incorporating my spiritual gifts of wisdom, intuition, and channeling messages from Source combined with my solid coaching practice of mastering the art of being - energetics, mindset, emotions/feeling, aligned doing, and body wisdom, I will guide you to stepping into the "having it now" energy and strategies in this 1-1.5 hours free workshop.

Watch the FREE workshop

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