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About Minerva

Minerva Maharajh is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, ICF-Accredited PCC Coach, Manifestation Coach, and Founder and Director of Goddess Of Wisdom Spiritual Life Coaching, and Starseed Academy Coach Training.

Her mission is to help spiritual entrepreneurs and coaches build abundant lives full of wealth, fun, and freedom. Her coach approach encapsulates the full being - aligning the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and energetic bodies to create a real, and sustainable business and life with the most fun, joy, and peace.


While Minerva's teachings and clients live worldwide, she lives in Pickering, Ontario with her childhood sweetheart and Husband, two gorgeous kids, and a Maltipoo dog. She loves being a mother and business owner while enjoying plenty of "me-time", walks by the lake, date nights, and fun getaways with her family.

Learn more about Minerva and start living your expansive and exciting business and life by subscribing to her popular podcast, Words Of Wisdom.


Founder, Director of Education, Head Instructor & Certified Spiritual Life Coach

Starseed Academy is the premier ICF-accredited spiritual coach training program for those ready and serious about becoming a Certified Spiritual Life Coach and embarking on a life-changing journey.

At Starseed Academy, we believe in helping you build an abundant and life changing business by being you!

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Founder of Starseed Academy

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