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This is the year it happens!

A powerful self-study course to activate your vision, power, and plan and manifest the year you have always desired in the most aligned way.  This year we are no longer playing small and manifesting our deepest desires to life!

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What we’ll accomplish:

Creating your new year and life from the frequency of POSSIBILITY, not "probability"

Relinquish the old self and habits in a real and sustainable way (there’s no turning back!)

Remember who the F* you are and never forget it again!

Give life to the vision of your business and life and walk away with a real tangible plan where you have full confidence you can start running your biz and life YOUR way

Learn a quick technique to dissolve all doubts, worries, and fears holding you back from being who you truly are

Receive 1:1 support to clarify and catapult your vision in 2024!


No more hoping, wishing, or forcing your way through 2024.

Ease and flow is your birthright for the new year!


This online course includes a 6-part training from Minerva to receive guidance on your new year plan.

✨ The Frequency You Have Been Creating Your Life

✨ Guided Meditation - Manifesting The Impossible

✨ Clearing Resistance Through Love & Acceptance

✨ Group Energetic Clearing

✨ Guided Exercise: Creating from Possibility

✨ Your Questions Answered


 $50 CAD


Image by Stephen Frank
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