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Master the foundational pieces within to create a life in overflow on the out.

I see you...

  • You have done the hard grueling work

  • You know you are meant for more

  • You are tired of living in limbo of your desires and tormenting mind

  • You are dedicated to the inner work and what is required of you

  • You are ready to make it easier on yourself

  • You know everything you have been through has prepared you for this moment

You are finally fed up living in lack and ready to live in overflow

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This high-level mastermind will guide you in building the foundational pieces within so that you start living life in overflow in 6 months or less!


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Build a solid foundation for a life in overflow.

In this mastermind, we'll cover...

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  • The foundational pieces to solidify within you so that you can consistently experience a life in overflow

  • No longer feel powerless in your circumstances and finally see a way out of the emotional, financial, and mental stress


  • Regulate your entire nervous system so that you are no longer creating your life from survival mode but an integrated grounded peaceful mode


  • Become someone who can handle it all - the dips and falls as well as the highs and growth on every level

  • Become fully empowered and confident you can create any life you want


  • Feel solid in your being and eliminate fear so you can take real aligned steps that will actually get you where you desire to be financially, professionally, and personally


  • Feel solid within your new identity as someone who can and has all she has ever desired

This and more will be offered to align your entire being with your version of your life in overflow.

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portal to overflow banner (2).png
portal to overflow banner (2).png

In this high-frequency container, you’ll gain access to...

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Online Portal to Overflow

Immediate access to the online Portal to Overflow that is filled with lessons, tools, and guided exercises to hold your hand through the portal of creating a life in overflow.


LIVE Group Calls

Receive 2 live monthly group coaching calls where I share words of wisdom and guidance to unlock the level of overflow you desire, hot-seat coaching + Q & A time.


Group Support

Receive ongoing group support in a secure online chat platform to share your insights, ask any questions, and receive additional support outside your live sessions with a customized voice and text message from me guiding you back to overflow.


Lifetime Guidance

In addition to receiving immediate access to our online portal overflowing with timeless tools, exercises, and recordings, receive lifetime access to review and integrate deeper anytime.





Creating safety and foundations for a life of overflow




$555 USD 6 months payment plan


$3000 PIF

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- Canadians receive a special locked-in rate! -

After walking through this portal, you'll never have to walk this path again...

  • Your entire life story will be re-written for you and generations to come

  • Your nervous system will be regulated and you will never have to over or under-function again

  • Transmute all timelines, paths, and realities locked into lack, worry, and fear into overflow & beyond

  • Have unshakeable trust and confidence in yourself, God, and The Universe 

  • With newfound love and acceptance of yourself as a different and unique being here to do great things - feel unstoppable!

  • Relinquish all trauma, pain, blocks, and resistance holding you back from creating a life of pure pleasure and overflow of money, creativity, and love so that you can continue to build a life in overflow

  • Be truly free and unattached to all outcomes + outside sources such as people, clients, and things, therefore creating more space for more to come into your life

  • Complete ownership over your money, life, business; and ultimately you and your vibration so that you won't be at the mercy of money, clients, and anything external - your manifestations will be at the mercy of the new you!

The process that takes you into

To guide you through the portal of overflow, I will be leading you through my process of 'The Art of Being'. This consists of years of my own trial, work, and experience all for the purpose of teaching you how to create, sustain and live out your most expanded life possible. 

Our Being consists of different aspects - mental being, physical being, emotional being, spiritual being, and energetic being. When we work with just one aspect of our being, we are imbalanced and create wavering results. When we work with all aspects of our being, we create alignment, consistency, ease, and overflow.

Through my life's work and continually (re)mastering my process, I have solidified years of wisdom, training, and experience with a variety of tools that heal, coach, and activate the natural manifestor you are. With my unique approach that addresses and activates all levels of your being, you will transform your entire being, and therefore your entire life.

Clients of mine of claim:

With this process you will be held in, it's not just about achieving the clients, money, business, life, and success that you desire (although it's typically what happens), it's about becoming someone who can have and hold anything they want, anytime they want.


From coaching techniques to energetic, clearing + intuitive tools to trauma healing to nervous system regulating to body-conscious work to spiritual guidance and gifted tools, the art of being is not just one technique or one size fits all approach, it's an entire experience unique to you. An experience that leads you back to your truest, most authentic, freest self! With my process and guidance, you will achieve a state that naturally leads to a life of overflow in money, wealth, health, business, love, and life.

I am confident and grateful to share this next level of body of work with you because I know with my entire being it will change lives. I know this not just based on my past clients' results but because I walked through this path before you and experienced this myself. 


Overflow is meant for everybody but not everybody will choose this. Will you?

"Everything I wrote down since working with you has come true!"


Get to Know Me

If you don't know me or are brand new to my world, welcome! I am Minerva and so truly honored and grateful to have you here. You are why I am here. My God-given purpose is to help you create an expansive life of your dreams and be your infinite self.


From a young age, I knew there was always something greater and bigger possible. I believed in the "impossible" (I'm possible). All my life experiences, good and bad and ugly, were all preparing me for this moment in time - to teach you how to create the life of your dreams and live out your impossible/I'm possible.

But not in the old, forceful way. 

In a way where you are in awe and enjoying every step of the way.

In a way where you feel most like yourself.

That life you so desire and deserve, it's yours!

So that vision you hold for yourself, IS POSSIBLE!

I am here to help you manifest it in the most aligned, uplifting way possible.

Let's go!

You CAN have it all.

I have all of this and continually expand into more.


I am married to my childhood sweetheart, 2 gorgeous kids, and own 3 businesses - private coaching practice, an accredited coaching school, and Airbnb, I work 20 hours per week and still have plenty of time, space, and freedom while making consistent money doing purpose-filling work I love. 


My life and dreams keep unfolding as it's meant to, in overflow.

It's meant for you if you are ready to claim it.

I bow to you for answering the call within to start living life in overflow.


I am honored to be your guide on this journey.

Image by Katie Harp
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