What you want is just outside your edge!

A High-Level Support Private Coaching Container to Continually Expand Into Your Next Level Self & Next Level Reality

For the woman who makes sh*t happen!
  • You are bold with bold dreams
  • You make bold moves & take action easily
  • You are intentional and strategetic with your moves and decisions
  • You know energetics, mindset, and spirituality are important
  • You believe your vision/dreams will happen
  • You are so close you can feel it
  • You know it’s just a matter of time before your next level unfolds before your eyes
Minerva Maharajh Group Coaching
Welcome to Expansion Private Coaching

It is time…

You have been doing the deep expansive work for a while and have made incredible things happen, I see you, Soul Sis.

Now it’s time to level up and make your next level a reality.

This is possible because you know it is. The desires wouldn’t be in your heart if it wasn’t possible. And when you look back at your life, you can say you have actually created some amazing things.

Where you are at now is you have expanded and created so much in your life already that you are probably scared of creating more (what would people think?), can’t help but WANT to create more (you are expanding so quickly), and/or you are ready to do the damn thing and desire high-level support to walk with you there (I’m your girl!)

I know what it’s like to expand, change and create so rapidly that it’s scary. Not everyone around us is the same or understands. But after a little pep-talk we know we are not going to succumb to a small life and mediocrity; we choose to live out that big vision and the big bold energy of who we really are!

We are here to make sh*t happen and inspire others to do the same.

But this time…

You desire to create your next-level life with the most ease, joy, and glory.

Before you may have approached your goals with a bit of force, “hard” work, or heaviness. You know you are magical but the thought of going to your next level the old way doesn’t appeal to you. You want to continue on the trajectory of major growth and quantum leaps and expand the greatness in your life but in a new, refreshing, freeing way than you have ever approached your life before.

You can’t bring the old self into your next-level.

What got you here won’t fully get you there. What created your now, won’t create your next-level reality.

That is what Expansion Private Coaching provides you.

You will be guided, held, seen, stretched, elevated, and expanded in all ways to become your next-level self and align to your next-level reality.

Expansion Private Coaching was created with the highest level of support, energy, and strategies to get you there.

I have helped my client recreate their lives with new houses, babies, relationships, jobs, and financial realities that they couldn’t even imagine a year ago.

On top of that, I have created a reality for myself that I only dreamed of years ago and keep expanding and actualizing every year.

Your life can and will be completely different in a year.

I am a master at what I do and know I am doing what I was put on this earth to do (to show others how to achieve the impossible). With a variety of my expansive tools, techniques, and strategies while partnering with you to amplify your unique being, you will create your desired reality in 6-12 months.

I only work with 3 aligned clients at a time for this deep expansive journey.

This is a no-bullsh*t container. I will hold you to the highest level of support to ensure you are stepping into the person you are meant to be and living the life you are meant to live.

Private Spiritual Life Coaching

Minerva Maharajh Spiritual Life Coach

“My life has transformed since working with you!”             

“I have grown and changed so much for the better after working with you.”

“The best investment I ever made!”

“I am truly in a whole new place and it’s so refreshing! Thank you for being the support I needed in the way I needed it!”

“After our last session sooooo much has happened and I feel like I’m in alignment with who I am supposed to be.”


“I’ve booked 2 soulmate clients this week…and they paid in full!”


“Who I am and where I am is exactly where I wanted to be thanks to you!”

More details about what we cover in this container

In this container where we bring your next level into living reality, we focus on unlocking a new level of being so that you are creating from your most expansive self. I will guide you through each session plus you receive unlimited support via Voxer as I pull on a variety of powerful tools and processes that have worked for me and many of my clients who created the most amazing results ever created in their career, money, relationships, family, and life. Some of the work we dive into may include all or some of the following:

  • Higher Level Consciousness (Mental Being) Here we rewrite your mindset to reprogram your way of thinking and speaking that is in alignment with the reality you seek and who you know yourself to truly be. This ain’t no ‘say your affirmations until you believe it’ type of work, this is feel the entire landscape of your mind, body and soul be reprogrammed and activated so that your new (believable) point of view creates your reality with the most ease.
  • Vibrational Expansive Being Everything is energy and responding to the frequency you are being! Here we bypass the logical mind and expedite results by working in your energetic field to clear, release, alchemize and magnetize your desires and next-level reality into existence.  Also at this level you are guided to connect deeper with your Higher Power (God/Source/Infinite/Divine), your Higher Self and your  Soul for clear, divine and practical guide to ensure it is a co-creation from the heart and not ego. From one single session clients have manifested bonuses, raises, new job offers, discovered new business ideas, attracted soulmate clients, and more! So imagine what can unfold in 3-12 months when you can’t help but transmit a higher frequency and see the evidence of your shift actualize into form.
  • Emotional Healing Being Unresolved emotional wounds from our childhood can carry forth and effect the type of reality we are working to create. Even though you probably already done some work here you understand another level of healing is required to truly set yourself free. Here you have access to proven processes to move past stuck energy with inner child healing, ancestor/family healing, forgiveness, stress effects, transmuting emotional pain into gold, redefining identities and more.  Finally set yourself free from old wounds and start creating from a state of true peace and freedom.
  • Body Consciousness Work It goes unsaid that your body is going to come with you when you create your next level reality, but do you realize that it could be exactly what is stopping you? Nervous system healing, training and anchoring is required in order to feel truly safe, secure and comfortable in your new reality. At this level we will engage in effective strategies and techniques to break the patterns of creating from the state of “fight, flight or freeze” and allow in your desired reality with it feeling REAL and not perceived anymore. This includes tools and techniques for nervous system healing, tapping, Access Consciousness tools, Body wisdom work, masculine and feminine energy work, future self embodiment work and more.
  • Habits of Being Here you will learn a new way of doing that is aligned with your new being. We ensure you are taking aligned,consisten steps that feel good to you and not what you think or don’t want to do. This new way of doing (That’s right, you can’t do the same thing and expect new results) will ignite you and surprise you with how simple and effortless it can be to take your future in your own hands and create what you want life to be.

Some other areas we may explore and breakthrough together are judgment, dealing with other’s opinions and criticisms, contrasts showing up in your life, what to do if it seems like it’s not working, family dynamics, the power of decision, unwavering qualities you must possess to succeed, overcoming anger & shame, the frequency of having and receiving, how to receive, breaking through your unique blocks, validation, allowing it to be easy, core values, and much more.

The core of my work comes down to ENERGY. Doing the work on the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and vibrational levels all come together and influences who you are being and being a clear vibrational match for the life and person you seek to be.

Through my process, my clients have created miraculous results from our work together. Some include manifesting/creating new jobs, new careers, hitting the next level of income, receiving raises and unexpected bonuses, starting new businesses, attracting new clients, getting pregnant, finding their true love, relocating, buying a new house, building financial freedom, and my ultimate favorite, becoming a more powerful, confident and unstoppable version of who they truly are!

This expansive container is specific for those who are unstoppable with their goals, they truly believe and trust in themselves, feel worthy to achieve their dreams, and therefore invest in themselves. Book a call today so we can start co-creating your next-level reality!

If we are truly aligned, you will walk away with what my most successful clients have experienced,

“It has happened or is in the process of happening!”


This High-Level Private Coaching Journey requires a 6-12 month commitment to experience exponential results:


  • 2 private video sessions per month (60 mins each via Zoom)
  • Unlimited voice & text messaging support via Voxer for 6-12 months
  • Morning & Evening Master Manifestation Guided Meditations (mp3s)
  • Activate Your Expansion Welcome Workbook
  • Access to all online & digital programs


Minerva Goddess of Wisdom Spiritual Life Coach

This is for the expansive being who is ready to make a next-level investment in themselves mentally, emotionally, actively, energetically, and financially. This is a four-five figure investment with payment plans available.

Apply to Get Started Now! | Only 3 spots are available at a time!

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