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Hello Beautiful Soul,


I'm Minerva, the Goddess of Wisdom in manifesting your next reality!

First, let me quickly tell you about when I wasn't manifesting the life I truly wanted.

I wasn't aware that life could be easier. I was conditioned to be "a fighter" to get what I want. It was an endearing title my loved ones gave me as I was always fighting to achieve my biggest glorified milestones in life: career, money, work, relationships, friendships, and love, so it became how I generally operated in life.

Little did I know I was manifesting unconsciously from a place of 'fight or flight' and there was an easier way. I could create the life I want, consciously.

Yes, I accomplished some great things in my personal and work life like becoming a professional dancer for the NBA Toronto Raptors, being voted in as an NBA All-Star Dancer, dancing on stage and on tv with celebrity artists who I admired, success in my career, true friendship, my husband, next level income and more...but finally I hit a wall of burnout, exhaustion, and unhappiness.

I didn't want to keep creating my life and greatest successes from this place anymore.

Through a daily commitment to my personal and spiritual development, I discovered my soul's purpose, to show you how to achieve the impossible. In other words, how to consciously create the life you truly want, which may sometimes feel so far away.

I discovered I could create my life deliberately and I was created to help you achieve the same.

I wake up in awe of my life and the creations that keep unfolding...

I have married my childhood sweetheart, have 2 beautiful children & 1 pup, renovated a dream home, own 2 successful businesses, get to work when I want, how I want, do work what I absolutely love, and have plenty of time & space to take days off, weekends away to myself, time with my family, date nights all while receiving an abundance of money, time and energy.

 Your version of a life of freedom is possible too.

You just have to decide it's happening and take the next aligned steps.

I am so happy you are here. There are lots of options to support you in consciously creating your next-level reality with more ease.

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Here are some of my current offerings that can assist you in consciously manifesting the life that you want:

Looking forward to partnering with you to make your dreams a living reality,


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