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Manifestation Coach for Spiritual Coaches and Entrepreneurs

Guiding you to manifest what you see and feel on the infinite field into physical reality in money, life, and business.


Have It Now


There are things you could be doing right now to become a clear energetic match for the money and life you seek! Take this free workshop to immediately come into alignment and start moving toward the business and life you desire!

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Master the principles of creating a life in overflow.

A high-level mastermind with 1:1 support to master the core principles of building your life and business in financial overflow.

Word of Wisdom Podcast


Hey there!

I'm Minerva, The Goddess of Wisdom

I became a spiritual life coach after I decided to leave my career as a professional dancer and actress. I was guided to dive deeper into my spirituality and let God lead the way. I said "Spirit lead the way and I will follow" and here I am living out my divine purpose. Helping beautiful souls like you create the most expansive, exciting life without overworking and doing more but being more themselves.




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